5 Super Fun Basketball Games For Kids!

In the spirit of encouraging the love of basketball, here are some basketball games for kids for you and your family to enjoy! :)


1) Knock Out

This game is great because everyone gets a chance to shoot and you don’t necessarily need to be the best shooter on the court to come away victorious.

Knock Out requires 2 basketballs and two or more players. Each player lines up behind one another at the free throw line. There can be as many players as you’d like. When we play there are often 10 or more players who line up! You can play with less, but the more the merrier!

The game will start with the player first in line. They will shoot the ball. If they score, they pass to the next person in line. If the player in line misses, they will continue to rebound their ball and shoot until they score. If the player behind them scores before they do, they sit out until the next round.

The last remaining player is deemed the winner!


2) Bump

One of the traditional basketball games for kids, Bump is a super fun version of Knock Out! It has the same rules as Knock Out, except you can use your ball to bump your opponents’ ball away from the basket. If your opponent is shooting and their ball is in the air, you can even throw your ball at their ball so it moves away from the hoop, giving yourself an advantage. 


3) Around The World

This is one of the best basketball games for kids. It's a blast, no matter which country you’re in! :) This game requires two players and a basketball.

The goal is to score consecutively from each of the 5 spots on the court - 1) Layup, 2) Between free throw line and basket 3) Free Throw 4) 3-point shot, 5) Half court. If player 1 misses a shot, they stop and go the beginning. Player 2 then has their turn. Players will continue to play until someone hits all 5 shots in a row.

Alternatively, you can count how many shots it takes to go Around The World, instead of having to reset when a miss happens. Just count the number of shots and whoever has the lower score after both players go Around The World, wins.

To make the game more of a challenge, players can try to make 5 consecutive shots in ascending order, then 5 consecutive shots in descending order. In other words, 1) Layup, 2) Between free throw line and basket, 3) Free Throw, 4) 3-point shot, 5) Half court 6) Half Court 7) 3-point shot, 8) Free Throw 9) Between free throw line and basket 10) Layup


4) Firing Squad

This is an exciting one! Firing Squad is the same as Around the World, except both players shoot at the same time and it’s a race. Whoever completes all 5 shots wins! (You can also play with the 10 shot version described above)

Also, you can decide whether or not players needs to go back to beginning shot (Shooting the layup) when they miss as they are trying to go ‘Around the World’.


5) Golf

This is one of our favorite basketball games for kids!

If you’ve played golf before, this game might be your favourite!  And you may also be familiar with the rules.

Player 1 decides where the first ‘hole’ is on the court. They shoot from a location they choose. If they score, they’ve earned a ‘hole in one’ for that ‘hole’. If player 1 misses, they rebound the ball and wherever they rebound, shoot again. If they score they’ve now earned two ‘strokes’ (each shot is equal to a ‘stroke’) on the first hole. If player 1 misses, they rebound again and the process continues. Player 2 then shoots from the location on the court Player 1 decided to make the first ‘hole’. The player with the least amount of strokes on a hole gets to decide where the next ‘hole’ on the court will be. There are 18 holes in total. The player with the least amount of ‘strokes’ in the end, wins.


So there you have it. 5 super fun basketball games for kids. Make sure to have a ton of fun, and remember to never stop hoopin!