A Basketball Game To be Remembered VS Steve Nash

All I could hear was the thundering roars of over 1,000 hyped up spectators packed into the St. Michaels University School gym, doubling its capacity.


Nothing was advertised but there were rumors of a home town legend making an appearance at his old stomping grounds.


This was going to be a basketball game that nobody on our team would forget.


The warm up began with a layup line. I finished a silky smooth reverse layup off the glass and I could feel overwhelming electricity coming from the crowd.


I turned around and realized nobody gave a dam about my so called silky skills. 😂


STEVE NASH just entered the building and tossed up a feathery and lethal alley-oop to his old teammate from grad class of 92’.


A mixture of coincidence, luck and blessing gave me the honour of playing against this Hall of Famer back in November 2011.


It was my senior year and it also just happened to be the year of the NBA lockout. Every November SMUS has an alumni vs student basketball game.


My coach, Ian Hyde-lay, was Steve Nash’s high school coach. He is also father to one of my best friends and teammates Derek Hyde-lay.


It all added up to this one game, which to this day was one of the coolest experiences and greatest memories of my life.


To sum our team up, we had Liam Maclure (#20 beast, good at everything), Mark Yorath (#6 the play maker), quick and jerky Dawit Workie (#5 unreal athlete, nick name explains itself), Derek Hyde-lay (#4 Sniper), Dave Lafleur (#15 big man with the soft touch), Lewis Lue (#22 MASSIVE game winner in 09' provincials), me (#11 the guy with silky skills LOL).


We were matched up against the 92’ grads which included non-other than the 2 time NBA MVP.


It was going to be quite a basketball game.


Steve Nash playing against joey hooplight at SMUS alumni game



Here’s my experience playing against Steve.


First of all, I don’t think he played past 10%. I was terribly confused when I couldn’t hear his footsteps. He glided across the court and effortlessly got to any spot he wanted so he could drop the perfect pass to his teammates.


And believe me some of his precision bullet passes were something special to watch.


I think he may have shot once haha.


I guarded him the whole game and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit star struck.


A piece of me regrets not taking this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to get in his grill and challenge him.


Looking back on it, I wish I tried to take him on 1v1 or pressure him harder on defence.


Just so I could force him to give me a true NBA schooling. 😂


But that’s life; you can’t go back in time!


 All you can do is move forward and learn from the past.


Apply it to what you’re doing today!


And make sure you don’t make the same mistakes!


Especially if it’s something that you hold close to your heart. ☺


That’s why with HoopLight I want to leave nothing on the table and make every opportunity count.


This is my shot to take something I truly enjoy and turn it into something bigger.


And hopefully in the future, something that can go beyond supporting just myself and become something that can support communities.


Like The Steve Nash Foundation. 😁🏀


Enjoy what you’re doing, support yourself and support others.


Joey Erlic


joey hooplight