A Big Win For HoopLight And North American Intellectual Property

Yesterday Hoop Light LED Lit Basketball Rim Attachment made by Shenzhen Chuangyou World E-commerce Co., Ltd. and sold under the partner company Loveliness Jewel Store finally arrived on my doorstep.


I was pumped.


For those of you that read our last post, you know that recently there have been over 40 oversea companies illegally false advertising our product on Amazon.


To make things clear I’m going to show you a product review and compare HoopLight with Hoop Light LED Lit Basketball Rim Attachment. Let’s call it HLLLBRA for short.


In addition to infringing on our trademark they also copied pictures and paragraphs of writing directly from our website.


Some of the pictures even had our logo and faces in them!


The last thing we want is our potential customers to confuse our brand with the Loveliness Jewel Store’s product, especially since we’ve been working so hard to build our brand for the past 6 months. Plus, their product is completely different.


Finally, after several back and forths while stating our case, Amazon kicked the copycats off its platform!


We’ve learned a valuable lesson and to all you entrepreneurs out there making and marketing your own product listen closely. Always store the original photos including all metadata in a safe location. Once we realized the copycats stole our intellectual property we had to track down all the original photos from 3 different photographers. It took several weeks!


Now let’s get into the product itself. I’ll break it down piece by piece.



First of all, HLLLBRA does not have a sensor. Therefore is not interactive. Once the on button is pressed it continuously blinks until switched off. It doesn’t have any elaborate LED patterns and it is about 1/10th HoopLight’s brightness. These pictures were taken in the same levels of light; however, HoopLight is so bright that the camera needed to adjust its brightness to get a proper shot.


But don’t take my word for it here’s a video to prove it. Click Here.


Let’s move on to durability.



Early on while prototyping HoopLight we were tempted to use the same light strip as HLLLBRA uses because it’s very inexpensive. But I found that after one or two basketball sessions the light strip will indefinitely break. Before HLLLBRA was taken down from Amazon we witnessed some 1 star reviews confirming this. Notice how HoopLight’s light strip coils, that’s because it is extra fortified to withstand the full impact of a basketball.


In conclusion, HLLLBRA is simply an LED strip which can be purchased at any local department store. It was re-purposed as a basketball rim attachment and marketed using our intellectual property.


Honestly, so far business has been a blast. We have learned so much and we are inspiring exciting new products all over the world. We can’t wait to see what people come up with next. One thing is for sure though; whatever products are created, customers respect quality.