Affiliate Program - Help Us Light Up Basketball Hoops Worldwide!

Yesterday we opened up our Affiliate Program so that basketball lovers everywhere can sell HoopLights to their neighbors and online networks. We're ecstatic that we get to share this opportunity with all of you. Help us encourage the love of basketball!

Our vision is to constantly improve HoopLight, and in doing so help young ballers have more fun playing the game of basketball. The higher the quality and more diverse our product offering, the more reasons there are to share what we're creating at HoopLight.

The Affiliate Program we've created gives young ballers and young entrepreneurs everywhere the chance to earn an income from promoting a product they genuinely love playing with and enjoy sharing with their friends.

It's very easy to help us light up basketball hoops all around the world! All you need is an email linked to your paypal account, then

Click here to sign up.

It literally takes a minute to do so.

So other than the fact that you're a basketball guy/girl and it feels like a natural product to promote, why should you promote HoopLight as part of the Affiliate Program?

Well for starters, there is absolutely NO PRODUCT LIKE IT! Seriously, do a google search and try to find something similar. It will be a challenge, believe me! And because its so unique, HOOPLIGHT SELLS ITSELF!

All you gotta do is setup your HoopLight and post on social media every so often. Get your friends to play on it so they can enjoy the feeling of seeing light up basketball hoops when they score. It's such a cool feeling, and when they experience it they won't want to go back to shooting on a regular hoop. Trust me, we've seen it all too many times. Ballers go back to their regular hoops and it just doesn't feel the same. They've lost the heightened experience that HoopLight gives to shooters.

And oh ya -  you earn 10 USD per sale! All you gotta do is sign up and get your unique referral link. Once you have this, you're ready to help light up basketball hoops worldwide! 

So what are you waiting for? Join us on our mission to encourage the love of basketball worldwide!

Click here to get started.