Arcade Amusements Is Taking its Basketball Hoop Arcade Game To The Next Level

Phil Belpidio is one of a kind.

Instead of folding under the pressures of arcades evaporating in the 90s, he said NOT TODAY!

Rather than following what everyone else was doing, Phil decided to innovate by taking the arcade experience to you!

And what an experience it is.

It seems like there's something for everyone and every kind of event at Arcade Amusements Inc. (basketball hoop arcade game is my favorite!)

Whether you're hosting an awards show, corporate event or bar mitzvah, Phil has got something for you.

His customers appreciate that his machines are fun and easy to use, with no instructions required.

Obviously I have a bias for basketball machines, but I grew up playing soccer too and another machine that I thought was super cool was the human pool table!

Human size game of billiards

Phil, when's your next event with human pool? I wanna kick some balls and sink some solids! lol

I also think it's quite cool how Phil brands his machines and has made some appearances at pretty special events.

Can't say I'm suprised though, this guy has been in business since 1982 and has been working hard to build a trustworthy reputation.

It was still exciting to see that Arcade Amusements has made an appearance at events like the 2018 NBA tip-off event at Staples Center, Blizzcon and even the Espys!

The other day I was daydreaming that Lebron James & Bronny Jr. walk by and swish a few shots on a HoopLight-ready Pop-A-Shot machine at the Espys, and say daaaam that's fresh! Haha

Basketball Hoop Arcade Game at Staples Centre in LA

And then I snapped out of my daydream and thought, gotta get these plug-in HoopLight models ready to send out to Phil!

Can't wait to get these out to him and Arcade Amusements.

Phil's company truly does great work and has received praise from CBS-TV's Charlotte Garnell: "Working with Phil Belpedio from Aracade Amusements was a positive and fun experience. Price, delivery and pick up was a smooth effective process. My event was a complete success and well publicized due to the wonderful games rented to us by Arcade Amusements."

If you're in any of these areas, and have an event coming up, you gotta give Phil a call! - San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Dallas, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara

We'd like to do a HoopLight California tour and swing through San Diego at some point so we'll let you know if we venture down.

We're hoping that things continue to go well for you Phil as you move into your 5th decade of business!

What an an amazing accomplishment!

Looking forward to your receiving your HoopLights and to adding that extra little something to the basketball hoop arcade game experience!

All the best,

Joey Erlic

joey hooplight