Basket Basketball Games: A Love Story

We all love the game for different reasons.

For Stephen Curry, it was as simple as hearing the crowd cheer him on as he made a good pass during a game when he was young.

For Lebron James, it was playing basket basketball games with his friends at 4.5 years old shooting on a bottom-less crate attached to a light pole outside on the street. 

No backboard so no bank shots allowed! Swishes only! Haha

So we all fall in love with the game for different reasons.

And when we do, often times the ones who REALLY love the game get labeled.

Others that don't understand may label us as weird or obsessive.

Well pay them no mind!

The Greats didn't care, and neither should you!

You and I both know it's all just a love for the game :)

Let them label. 

They simply don't share your passion for the game you and I hold so dear.

But you and I, share something special.

It's something that we share with our neighbors who we play with at the YMCA.

It's something that we share with old teammates. 

And it's something we share with these greats as well...

I came across this documentary series (preview below) while searching for inspirational basketball stories online.

And I hit the jackpot! 

I'd highly recommend checking out ESPN's 20 hour special (5 episodes) which deep dives into the stories of some of the greatest basketball players to bless the sport.

The show focuses on how they fell in love basketball and who inspired them to greatness.

The trailer is pretty cool.

(I'm late to the party though - a few episodes have already aired and the next episode is on October 30: 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET)

Classic Early signs for love of the game of basketball may include:

  • Rolling up socks and shooting them into the hamper or through a clothes hanger hanging on something
  • Playing alone
  • Playing late into the evenings
  • Being a labeled as weird or obsessed
  • Not caring when your parents tell you to stop bouncing the basketball indoors
  • Shooting on HoopLight

Okay Okay...

I don't know if playing on HoopLight is quite a 'Classic Early Sign', But we'll get there.

Help us get on that list! :)

But mainly, help yourself get one of the coolest basketball products around for when you've run out of socks to roll up to throw into hampers and when you're playing basket basketball games outside alone in the dark! Lol

But seriously, these are true problems for us elite basketball lovers ;)

For the Love of Basketball!

Until next time