Basketball Arcade Game Reviews

I was surprised to learn recently that there are over 10,000 searches for basketball arcade games on google every month.

I was like WOAH!

For real?

People are still buying these machines?

So it got me thinking...

What if the basketball arcade game experience was part of a regulation sized basketball hoop?

Would it be good for buyers of these machines?

Would they be able to have more fun for less money, with other hidden benefits?

In a blog post a couple of weeks of spoke broadly about this topic.

But this time, I thought I'd get a bit more specific for you.

Here's a review of 3 fairly well-known machines sporting the age-old basketball arcade game.

Before we get into it, here's some criteria:

1) Level of Fun

2) Price

3) Basketball Skill Development

4) Durability

5) Is it Waterproof?

6) Variety of Game Modes


1. Atomic M01474AW Double Shootout Basketball Game

Atomic M01474AW Double Shootout Basketball Game

This machine received 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It's a fun machine to have for events and parties, and is a great social activity, but overall, most users say that it's overpriced.

For $241.99 USD, most users expected a higher level of durability, as they experienced breakage within the first few weeks. However, the sensing technology to tell the user when a basket is scored, is generally deemed as quite accurate.

Unfortunately, since you are using non-regulation sized basketballs and you're not getting any sort of exercise, basketball skill development isn't much of a factor here.

It's not waterproof and is meant for indoors, as you may have guessed. It's also worth noting that many users think it should be more dynamic with more game modes, considering the price tag.

2. Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

This machine received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most users feel that this machine is a great buy and is lots of fun! Pretty much everything is awesome, except the time it takes to assemble it, and if you're a thrifty shopper then the $559 USD price tag may deter you.

Other than that, this machine pretty much has the green light in most aspects.

Unless, of course you're objective is to be outside and moving your body around, but what other options do you have? (May have one for you, just stick till the end).

With this machine you can configure the height of the hoop, so you can at least raise it up to around 7 feet, but it will be hard to see any skill development because your shot naturally changes with such a small ball, hoop and rim.

Unlike the Atomic Double Shootout, this machine is very durable so that's good news!

It's not waterproof so make sure to keep it inside, and there are a variety of game modes - 10 to be exact!

Not bad overall! Just a little pricey and kind of far removed from real basketball in my opinion.

3. Shootout Basketball Arcade Game

Shootout Basketball Arcade Game

This machine also received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, however it had many fewer total reviews than Pop-a-Shot. Most customers of the Shootout Basketball Arcade Game have had fun and enjoyable experiences, and especially like the audio options, sound effects, and LED scoring system! This is probably my favorite part too.

I could see this machine maybe being worth $213.89 USD, if you're not into real basketball that is. I say this because like the other machines above, it won't help your skill development as a basketball player because of the differences in hoop height, rim size and basketball size.

The majority of users say this machine is super durable so that's a plus!

Like all these machines, it's not waterproof, so be sure to have a place to store this machine inside (needs 3 square feet for storage).

Another positive is that there are 8 game modes, so I'd say there's a bunch of variety for you to have fun with.

I think it's a pretty good product. I just don't think it's meant for a true baller.

4. HoopLight

Sensor-activated HoopLight product

O you knew I'd sneak this one in again! Lol

But I just had to. It's a great option when you're considering a basketball arcade game!

HoopLight has over 100 unique light patterns, and the immediate visual feedback kind of gets you hooked, I must admit. This thing is super fun! Check out our instagram page to see for yourself :)

Will it help you develop as basketball player? Yes!

Since HoopLight is designed for a regulation-sized hoop, you don't have to worry about developing bad habits with a small ball or rim.

Is it durable? Well if you can drop a medicine ball on it and it survives, would you say it's durable? Yup, we've done that test, this thing is strong :)

Is it raining outside? Doesn't matter. HoopLight is designed as fully waterproof.

Not to mention our next version of HoopLight will have an app with a bunch of game modes!

Okay okay, but how much!

Guess you'll just have to find out by clicking here! :)

For the Love of Basketball! Hope you have as much with this thing as I do :)

Let me know if this review was helpful or if you have any questions for me!

Until next time,


Joey HoopLight