Basketball Shooting Training for Klay Thompson Never Stops! And it pays off...

Sup guys!

So I've got a bunch of players who I really admire, but here's one guy that's gotta be one of my favorites!

Who could it be?

Well Klay Thompson of course!

This guy never fails to make basketball shooting training part of his daily routine.

One of my favorite performances of his was fairly recent actually - remember the game last month where he hit the 3-point shooting record?!!! 🤩

In the Golden State Warriors win against the Chicago Bulls on October 29th (149 pts - 124 pts) Klay had an absolutely UNREAL performance. 😄

This guy is the REAL DEAL.  😎

Can't say any of us were shocked or surprised, but we were all VERY EXCITED!

What an amazing accomplishment.  👍

So it made me curious ... 🤔

Where did Klay's fire and passion for the game come from? 🔥

Well it turns out that Klay's passion and love for the game of basketball comes from his family. family

Klay grew up in Portland, Oregon in a boy's dream house. 

It was the perfect environment for sports, equipped with big front yard and basketball hoop in the backyard driveway. 🏀⚾🏈

There was also a football field, aka the living room, where touchdowns would be made by jumping over defenders and landing on the big green couch.

It wasn't so much a couch as it was an 'End Zone' though lol

And it wasn't just Klay who had the pleasure of experiencing these different 'sporting venues' on the property.

His older brother Mychel and younger brother Trayce were the ones who tried tackling Klay while defending the 'end zone' in the living room and who tried blocking Klay's shots while playing basketball in the backyard driveway.

The competition was as fun as it was fierce! 😁

Most would assume it was because of the influence of their ultra competitive parents who played pro sports as well...

Which is exactly what I did!

But I assumed wrong. 

It was quite interesting to learn that Klay's parents, Mychal and Julie, never pressured their sons to play sports. 

But rather, they provided the opportunity and environment for a love for sports to flourish. ❤

For Klay and Mychel the sport they fell in love with was basketball. 🏀

For Trayce the sport he fell in love with was Baseball. ⚾

And their passion for sports never faultered, not even after they ALL WENT PRO! 

I guess you could say their parents love for sports rubbed off on them, instead of any pressure rubbing the boys the wrong way.

Mychal and Julie remained unattached to the outcome of their boys falling in love with sports, and in that way their boys had a chance to do so organically, on their own. 

If sports weren't in their boys' future  Mychal and Julie would have been just fine with it. 

But I bet they never imagined one of their sons would break an NBA record, and a World Record at that, for most 3 pointers in a game!!! 🏀🏀🏀

Klay Thompson tries to dribble past his defender

So So Cool!

It just goes to show that, as parents, it may serve us and our children well to create an environment for our kids where a love of sports can flourish, rather than thrusting the activity upon them.

Maybe the kids will take it upon themselves to be like Klay and start their own basketball shooting training.

That's what we'd really love to see at HoopLight.

We want to be a part of the environment that you create for your children which offers them the chance to fall in love with sport. 

Hopefully Basketball! Haha 🏀😂

But I'm biased so take that with a grain of salt! 😏

In any case, if you're in the process of creating an environment for your children that gives them this same opportunity, it'd be a privilege to send you your/their HoopLight to help with that 😄

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For The Love Of Basketball!

Until next time,

Joey Erlic