Basketball Video Games Mix With Streetball Culture

NEVER BEFORE have non-NBA basketball players had so much opportunity to “make it” or at least do very well for themselves.


It’s amazing how Instagram and YouTube have shrank the world to the size of an IPhone and expanded the reach of anyone in the global basketball community 10-fold.


It’s kind of like when Airplanes became popular.


In a sense the world became smaller and people’s influence strengthened.


This online basketball niche was truly started by non-other than Grayson "The Professor" Boucher @theprofessor.


Grayson was an overnight success after he combined his years of polished streetball talent with cosplay and became the first Spiderman to break ankles.


This 38 million view video made in 2013 gave rise to an entire movement.


Fast-forward to 2018.


The past 5 years have given rise to several other Streetball Influencers including @tristanj22, @bonecollector6, and @filayyyy.

 Basketball Instagram Profiles

Ok, so how does this rich and growing basketball culture mix in with basketball video games?


Well as everybody knows, NBA 2K has been battling with NBA Live for years.


There are even memes all over the internet about how recently NBA 2k has had the upper hand over NBA Live.

 Klay Thompson and James Harden Meme

I can even admit myself that I am an NBA2K guy and have been for a while.


But that may change this Christmas!


Live has taken some blows in recent years but is bouncing back hard with some new ideas in the 4th quarter!


Before anyone else, Live had caught wind of the fast growing online basketball community and is taking advantage full force.


NBA Live 19 will now include all the streetball influencers mentioned above.


Instagram Influencers Recording for NBA Live


So cool right?


But wait, this rag-tag group of streetball influencers would not be complete without @creamebiggums


Instagram Profile Creame Biggums

Who is famous for his epic NBA finals pre-game garage pump up video.


It’s unreal how these influencers can so easily take you through a day-in-the-life via YouTube.


Here’s a behind the scenes video of T-Jass and the crew making NBA Live 19!


That’s my dream and most likely many kid’s dreams to be in an NBA game.


Pretty stoked for these influencers!


And afterward they were guests at the NBA LIVE 19 Court Battles event where they played 3v3 against each other.


@bonecollector6 posted a bone shattering video at the event.


Ankle breakers represent.


5 years ago could you ever imagine non-NBA players in NBA basketball video games?


The world is constantly changing and there are opportunities everywhere!


So keep your eyes peeled especially if you are part of the online basketball community. :)


And if you’re not, you can be still be a part of making these new opportunities a reality!


For example, HoopLight!


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