Basketball Video Games VS Real Basketball

I’m a huge NBA 2K guy.


Ever since Christmas morning of 2008 when my brother and I opened NBA 2K9 and our eyes widened.


Cover of video game NBA 2K9 with Kevin Garnet

I was 14, my brother 16 and it was the best day ever.


I don’t think we even begged for it even though my brother and I had been waiting eagerly since playing NBA Live 05 way back in the day.


We were honestly just expecting socks and underwear that year so you could imagine our excitement especially when we realized we could replicate the feeling we got from playing our favorite classic basketball video game.


Back in 05 we used to link up a controller adapter so we could fit 5 controllers into our PS2 which allowed us to play as all 5 of the Phoenix Suns at the same time.


We built some serious friendships like this with the neighborhood ball crew and when we got 2K9 a new era was about to begin.


My brother and I play for 6 hours right up until we had to leave to our Grandparent’s house to see the rest of the fam and all of our cousins.


That week leading up until New Years were some of my best childhood memories.


Our daily routine was brush teeth, play NBA 2K9, bundle up and play basketball outside, invite the squad over to play NBA 2K9, play basketball with the squad outside and repeat!


Basketball video games would pump us up to play real basketball and real basketball would pump us up to play basketball video games.


An endless cycle of fun!


If you couldn’t tell we were pretty obsessive kids lol.


“Basketball video games are the best but real basketball is the best too”, that’s what we were thinking.


It was impossible to divert our attention elsewhere.


Merging these two fields was a major inspiration for HoopLight.



How do you gamify basketball? Incentivise?


Not all kids are like us. Some only like video games and not being active.


That’s a huge problem in my opinion.


Kids don’t all have to be high preforming athletes BUT it is important that all kids get the right amount of activity.


If I could just think of a way to light up basketball in a way that gives kids who need a little extra to get them excited and off of their IPads.


That’s what I was thinking and then I realized that if we gave them a reward for scoring a basket, just like in a video game, that would surely divert their attention!


HoopLight has definitely worked for my younger cousins and kids around the neighbourhood!


To promote the love of basketball and active lifestyles through innovation and technology is our mission!


If that statement speaks to you then please be a part of our mission! J


Joey Erlic