Derrick Rose Did What?! Rose Definitely Has Some More Awesome NBA Games To Play...

Derrick Rose had one of the all-time great performances last night against the Utah Jazz, Lighting Up The Target Center for 50 Points! 😄

Here's a guy that truly loves to Hoop and thankfully has tons more NBA Games To Play! 🏀

And I'm so happy for him, especially considering all that he's been through in his career. 😊

His career started off great, winning league MVP honors in 2011 as the youngest play ever in the history of the NBA to do so! 😮

But then...

In the first round of the NBA playoffs in 2012, Derrick Rose tore his ACL... 😟

From then on Derrick went through surgery after surgery totaling 5 times, for different parts of his body. 

His game seemed to be on a decline. 😥

And over the course of these surgeries he was traded 3 times and it was difficult for him to find a home in the NBA.

Talk about havinhappg it rough... 

But Derrick never complained. 

Because his love for the game is that strong. 🏀

In an interview with Marc Spears of 'The Undefeated', Derrick talks about his love for the game of basketball and how he thinks most people in his position would have retired from the game a long time ago. 

“I am in year 11 now. I tore my ACL in my fourth year,” Rose said. “Most guys would have been retired. Financially, I have saved my money. It’s all about the love. I still feel like I can hoop.” 😎

Derrick goes on to share... "I’m in love with the game. I still am a winner. I still love learning the game. Where else can you learn more than from Golden State or [Cleveland]? LeBron has been to eight Finals eight times and seven straight years. 
I played against him a lot of times. I’ve learned so much from him and the whole team. It’s just a fun experience being around this team."

Another reason Derrick cites for sticking with the game is that his son is watching him. 

Derrick wants to be a great example for his son, so that when his son gets older and starts to whine and complain, Derrick can refer his son to the trials and tribulations he's been through, as encouragement. 😏

So here's a guy that doesn't need basketball for the money, but simply loves to hoop because he loves learn from the best, and loves setting an example for his son and kids alike.

I think we can all learn some from Derrick. 🤔

He doesn't play the game for external motivators like money or fame, he plays because of an intrinsic love for the sport.

And it shows.

Every night he puts his craft on display for others.

He doesn't do it for himself. 

He does it for his teammates and the fans, in the name of spreading joy and love for the game. 

You can see it very clearly from his post game interview last night.

What a guy! 🤩

I believe we can all be a little more like Derrick, and I'm so happy he's got many more NBA Games To Play!

We can all play the game with a little more love, and a little more joy, despite the crap we may have to go through!

For the love of basketball! 🏀🏀🏀

Recognize the reasons that you love the game, and hold on to them despite the tough times you go through. 

And hey if one of those reasons happens to be playing on HoopLight, well then that would get us super excited! :) Lol 😊

Anything we can do to help you stay attached to what you love to do, is worth building for you and sharing with the world.

Until next time!

Joey Erlic