Electronic Basketball Game of The Future

What is THE electronic basketball game of the future? That's a question we ask ourselves a lot hear at HoopLight. How can we change the game of basketball to enhance it, and make it more fun, rather than diverging too far from its base state of enjoyment and its nature. Well, we have some Super DUPER cool ideas for the future. I'll probably get in trouble for sharing too much, but I'm just too excited! 

HoopLight Today                                                                                                                   

Product and Technology

What makes HoopLight unique as a basketball entertainment product is that it accurately provides exciting and vibrant instant-feedback to players when they score a basket. When the sensor detects the ball has moved through the hoop, HoopLight reacts with one of the hundred unique and super cool light patterns produced by its LED lights strip. Because HoopLight utilizes infrared sensing technology, optimal performance is reserved for use during dusk, night time and in the gym where the sun’s rays won’t interfere.

A specifically engineered micro-controller holds the logic providing HoopLight’s sensors the ability to accurately assess whether the ball has passed through the hoop. This micro-controller is enclosed and protected in its box, to shield HoopLight’s circuitry from harm’s way. HoopLight’s design provides it with a safeguard against impact from basketballs, and with waterproofing to eliminate the possibility of short circuiting. HoopLight has been created with durability and product longevity as key consideration, and is primed to evolve into the electronic basketball game of the future.

The power source for HoopLight uses 4 AA batteries, which is 3-4 weeks of consistent shooting. That’s about 5000 shots on HoopLightTM before needing to restore its power source. It also knows when you stop playing, as it will automatically shut off after 15 minutes without use.

Users and Gameplay                                                                           

HoopLight is designed primarily for tech-loving children and teenagers who play basketball as well as ‘bored basketball kids’ (ages 6-18). ‘Bored basketball kids’ are those who have access to a basketball hoop and enjoy playing the game of basketball, but after a while need a new reason to go out and shoot hoops, instead of hunkering down to play on their dopamine blasting smartphones.

HoopLight changes the way it feels to sink a basket. The elevated and heighten sensation of scoring and immediately receiving exciting visual feedback is habit-forming to say the least. You can start to see how we can build around this feature to build the electronic basketball game of the future. HoopLight gives players more of a reason to play as the sun goes down and helps ball players once again re engage with their love for the sport. Be warned! Once you play on HoopLight it may be difficult to revert back to the old way of shooting hoops.


HoopLight In The Future

HoopLight currently has a variety of LED light patterns. It's a great foundation for a platform that supports games. In the future, HoopLight users may be able to use an app to earn different LED light patterns, as well as get audio feedback for when the ball goes through the hoop. Users will probably be able to earn points and put them towards unlocking different light and audio features. It's gonna be so cool! :) Can't wait to share more. Here's to the electronic basketball game of the future. Let's get it!!!