Flick Basketball and Other Basketball Games Online - Review

I've been having so much fun tinkering away and playing basketball with my cousins, that I forgot all about virtual basketball games online.

I've never had a problem with video games per say, in fact I've had tons of fun with them growing up, but I've always wished they were less sedentary and more active!

I'm always coming across them on Google these days, so I tried to sit still for a while to try some popular virtual basketball games, to see how it compared to the fun I was already having.

These are the games that I played and how I enjoyed the experience.

1) Basketball FRVR

Was it fun? Yeah it was sort of fun, nothing overwhelmingly awesome, but it passed the time well for a bit. I'd say it's worth a shot, you'll probably get bored after a little while though. This game was a real flick basketball experience. The goal in Basketball FRVR was to score as many baskets in a row as possible, to collect coins which grant you access to new ball styles. To Score, I would either swipe up or click and drag my mouse, depending on whether I was on mobile or on desktop. I tried both ways, and found it easier on mobile, flicking the ball on horizontal view. Yes I know, it was quite unrealistic shooting the ball sideways, but it was the easiest way to collect coins. First it's pretty easy, but then the basket changes locations. Then the basket started to move continuously so it did get pretty difficult. The ultimate goal of earning 500 coins for the monster ghost ball seems ridiculous to me Haha. I wonder if anyone has accomplished that feat in Basketball FRVR, and if they felt proud afterwards? Or maybe their flick finger just got really sore Lol. - Click here to play

flick basketball online game

2) World Basketball Championship

This one was more fun than the last one, I'll give it that. I was still kinda bored just sitting there, pointing and shooting with my fingers. I kept imagine shooting for real, like in real life but I pushed forth the maximize my fun! Haha. World Basketball Championship was well designed. The first level is a tutorial level and gives you more guidance with the trajectory line. After the first level it got much harder and I kept missing like crazy. Lol. Shooting from right to left, rather than shooting towards the screen like the vantage point of real basketball was okay, but didn't feel natural. I did like how I could choose my family's country of origin, Croatia, and go up against other international teams in a tournament. That was pretty cool! It's a straightforward game and you know when it's going to end, which is when the tournament is over. Hopefully you have more luck than me and emerge the winner when that time comes! - Click Here to Play.

flick basketball online game

3) Street Ball Jam

This is the game that gave me the inspiration for the HoopLight video game (post from a couple of days ago), so of course I've got to like it! Haha no, but for real I do enjoy this game. Even before I figured out there is a big flaw to it! Lol. This game was difficult before I knew that you can just tap as fast as you can and you're bound to score enough baskets to add more time on the timer and unlock a new ball style. If you play without this cheat code style of play, then it is quite difficult. It you want to challenge yourself, be sure not to realize that you can shoot multiple times in the air when your character has only jumped once. Despite all this, I had more fun playing Street Ball Jam, than any other game so far! - Click Here to Play.

flick basketball online game

4) Basket Slam Dunk

Was this one a fun one! Yes! Haha so hilarious. The character looks so silly. And the music is funky. When I played it I enjoyed the simplicity and difficulty level. It felt really good to get a slam dunk, especially since they were far and few between for me. There were no obvious prizes, or leveling system though, so that was kind of a bummer. I would say if you're going to look for a online basketball game, you should give Basket Slam Dunk a try. - Click here to play.

flick basketball online game

5) HoopLight

You knew I'd sneak this one in didn't you? Haha! All the online basketball games above are fun in their own way. None really stand out miles above the rest though. Street Ball Jam is probably my favorite, but they were all just lacking something. Some of them were well designed with rewards and level of difficulty, but I started feeling restless. Seeing a basketball, whether virtual or real, just makes me want to move my body! A lot of the instant gratification I received with the sounds and lights on these online basketball games felt very familiar to when I score on HoopLight and it lights up for me in recognition of my made basket. And when I finish playing on HoopLight, I feel like my skills have actually improved, which feels amazing, rather than feeling an empty sense of accomplishment for earning 500 coins in an online basketball game to earn a ghost-monster ball. Lol. Lastly, just thinking about how HoopLight is on it's way to evolving into more of a real life video game gets me so amped, don't even get me started!!!


Well I tried my best. I really did. I tried to have insane amounts of fun playing flick basketball and other online basketball games, but I just couldn't reach the level of fun I'm used to! So in the end I found my way back to HoopLight. And I feel like more people would, only if they were aware of a kind of real basketball video game experience. Well if you haven't already realized it yet, that's what HoopLight is today - to some extent at least, and more developments to further that goal are happening everyday at HoopLight HQ (like sounds and an app for starters) Get ready. HoopLight V2 is on its way! Gonna be so fun. Can't wait to share!

Until Next Time!

Joey Erlic

Joey HoopLight