Fun Basketball Games at HoopLight Headquarters

Just outside HoopLight Headquarters, in the most entertaining driveway in the neighborhood, were a bunch of really fun basketball games during the HoopLight Promo Video party on September 5th. What a blast! 

At around 7:15 pm ballers started showing up to warm up for a seriously awesome event. Swishes were on, and HoopLight was lighting up in full effect. You could see the brand new basketball experience on the faces of many first time HoopLighters. What a joy to see almost 100 happy basketball players shooting on a Hoop and the product my brother Joe meant for to create that very feeling of happiness. It was truly fulfilling and we're forever grateful for everyone who came out to support what we're trying to do: To encourage the love of basketball through innovation and technology!

Ballers poured in up until 8pm, anticipating some fun basketball games and to be part of a promotional video being filmed on the court. At this time, Joe said some words of welcome and shared the HoopLight mission. The crowd cheered him on and got excited to start playing some games on HoopLight. Afterwards, Jure explained the rules to Bump and then began the longest line of bump the world has ever seen! Haha so much fun. Everyone was having a blast! Lots of laughter and excited and happy voices. It was very rewarding to experience. In the end there could be only one winner, and she ended up taking home 2 tickets to the raptors vs trailblazers preseason game on September 29th. Everyone was so happy for her!

But Bump was only one of the fun basketball games we had in store for everyone who came. We played some 2v2 and 3v3 with different groups, then following was a super exciting dunk competition. Some fly highers put on quite the show! Rim rattling and Hoop Shaking dunks were quite the scene. So excited for the video content that was captured. A professional promotional video will be released very soon! 

By the way, a special thank you goes out to Lily Erlic who prepared and served food to 100 people! Wow amazing job!


Thank you to everyone who came and supported our vision and the creation of the promo video! Can't wait to share it! :)

We're happy that everyone enjoyed some fun basketball games at the HoopLight Headquarters driveway on Wednesday. Everyone had a blast and it could not have been done without each and every person who came! Thank you all so much for attending! :)

Until next time,