HoopLight Basketball Drills for Kids

A part of growing up is gaining new skills through hard work. This is why we've put together a quick list of basketball drills for kids. Let's get started!

1) Score 25 shots in a row!

Have you ever watched an NBA Allstar 3-point shooting competition? Well this drill is something like that. If you haven't, go and watch right now on Youtube! 

Shoot and score from the 5 spots around the 3-point line. Make sure to remember your BEEF:

B - Balance (make sure your weight is even distributed between each foot)

E - Eyes (to the front of the rim)

E - Elbow (make sure the elbow of your shooting hand is in line with your hip and knee of that same side)

F - Follow-through (make sure you hold your follow through!)

Try to score all 25 shots as fast as you can, but don't rush each shot. Go for rhythm! This is one of best shooting basketball drills for kids.

Feel like improving your handles? 

2) Change Direction Dribbling

Start on the baseline, right under the hoop. Dribble to the left or right sideline on a 45 degree angle, slow down once you reach the sideline, then change direction to go the other way towards the opposite sideline. Keep your eyes up and dribble as fast as you can, with as much control of your body and the ball as you can. You can do it! Dribble all the way to the other baseline. As you reach the sidelines and change direction, make sure to practice different moves - behind the back, through the legs, spin move, the works! You got this! If you practice a lot, this drill will have you dribbling like Allen Iverson in no time!

Want to become as great a defender as Andra Iguodala?

3)  Defensive Slide Drill!

One of the best basketball drills for kids in my opinion. This one will certainly get you in shape! You'll be following the same path as the 'Change Direction Dribbling' drill above, expect you will be getting REALLY LOW and sliding in a defensive stance. This one will get your quadriceps and hamstrings burning and it will make you super quick! Make sure to have your hands out, and imagine you're getting ready to steal the ball on a crossover. Have your trailing hand low ready to get the steal, and you're all set! 

4) Jumping Drill 

This one will require your full imagination. Just think, you're Michael Jordan and you're in Space Jam. You need to jump and dunk from half court. If you don't then you'll lose the game! So get ready, dribble to the hoop... One two step just near the basket and jump as high as you can to dunk the basketball. If you can't get anywhere near the hoop to dunk, it's OKAY! Just imagine you're dunking :) The important part here is that you work on your jumping and imagine you're dunking. Feed your imagination and DO NOT get discouraged! One of the most fun basketball drills for kids, indeed! 

So there you have it, 4 super awesome cool basketball drills for you to practice, so you can become a super star and whoop some butt on the basketball court! Happy Hoopin!!! :)