HoopLight Basketball Mobile

A super cool idea popped into my head the other day! 

I was like...


HoopLight Basketball Mobile!!!

Let me explain...

You see, I've been getting feedback from customers lately saying that "you really don't know how HoopLight feels until you play on it, like you really don't know how hard it gets to stop"

It seems to be a pattern among all HoopLighters, so I began to ponder.

Why is that?

I'm not exactly sure.

I think it might have something to do with the immediate positive reinforcement you get from scoring a basket, as it lights up with a bunch of cool colors and patterns.

Whatever the case may be, there's something to it.

So I thought, how could I help people experience the HoopLight feeling from the comfort of their mobile devices!?

Then it hit me...

While playing this game - click here to check it out.

HoopLight Basketball Mobile!

What if we made a mini basketball game like this for iOS and Android, except include a HoopLight on the rim in the game?!

This way, they could experience the feeling of what it's like to play on HoopLight, at least a little bit.

And maybe there's a little ad that shares with the user that they can own their very own HoopLight and shoot on it in real life, on their hoop!


We could publish it online, and it could help convert basketball video game enthusiasts into real basketball enthusiasts!

Or perhaps they already like basketball a whole lot, but just need a little bit of a reminder from us.

It would be a sneaky way of pulling kids off their devices and onto the court to play basketball in real life.

Kind of like a "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality...

Well just for a short while at least, until we can win them over to our way of thinking :)

As you may know, HoopLight is in constant competition with video games that render kids inactive.

We're trying to make a difference by getting more kids to get off their butts and be more active.

This is our purpose.

To help kids be happy and healthy and have fun!

If this purpose resonates with you, then for the love of basketball, encourage someone you love to play basketball and live an active lifestyle.

Maybe this person is you!

If you're having trouble encouraging them (or yourself) and you need an assist, buy a HoopLight today and we'll send it right away to revitalize your basketball enthusiasm!

New 2-day shipping by the way :)

And remember, never stop hoopin!

until next time,

Joey Erlic

joey hooplight