HoopLight Christmas Bball Games

Last Christmas while HoopLight was in its early stages I had a prototype up on our hoop at home.


I couldn’t help but noticed how it fit in with all the lights in the neighbourhood so well.


Every time I sank a basket the HoopLight would go crazy and spread holiday cheer throughout the community.


“Where can I get one?!” all the neighbours would ask.


My only reply, “You’ll have to wait until next Christmas because this is the only one in existence! But don’t worry, you can come shoot on mine anytime you want!”


Tis the season! 😊


Seeing all the Christmas lights also gave me an incredible promotion idea which I still want to go through with.


Could you imagine if you shot on HoopLight and it lit our entire house? Or maybe a skyscraper!?


Now that would be epic.


Anything is possible with editing lol but one day I’d like to set up a crazy stunt like that for real.


This Christmas is coming up fast.


It’s no surprise that our cousins were one of our first customers back in July when we first started selling.


Their HoopLight is still up and running and they decided to put up some Christmas light around it just to elevate the experience of their Christmas bball games!


hooplight on basketball hoop with christmas lights in background

Isn’t that beautiful? Love these guys.


And check out how the backboard is frosted over. Totally Christmas.


They want to have annual HoopLight Christmas bball games and invite the entire neighbourhood.


The HoopLight squad is obviously in.


Perhaps we could have a $10 entry per team, all proceeds going to a charitable cause of course!


So now it’s finally almost next Christmas and I’m proud to say that anyone can gift a HoopLight as they want to!


I can’t wait to invite my neighbours over again and show how far we’ve come with the business and the product.


It’s been quite a journey filled with peaks and valleys.


But as our home town legend likes to say…


“The secret is to build the resolve and spirit to enjoy the plateaus for times when it doesn’t feel like your improving and you question why you’re doing this. If you are patient the plateaus will become spring boards.” – Steve Nash


Joey Erlic


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