HoopLight Educational - STEM Fun Basketball Shooting Games & Drills

 Have you seen the various patterns on the rim of your basketball hoop? Well, if the answer is no then a HoopLight could be your answer. Every time the basketball goes through the hoop, light patterns emerge from around the rim. Hundreds of different patterns appear and sometimes solid colors like blue or pink.

HoopLight at the gymnasium at school can provide children with a fun way to learn math and be active at the same time. Studying patterns in the classroom and then observing patterns in the gymnasium using HoopLight gives children a way to incorporate STEM at school. HoopLight is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It has been engineered using a mini circuit board and math can be applied by creating math games while using the HoopLight. Children can play counting games, pattern games, basketball shooting games or basketball shooting drills while having fun. Here’s an example of a HoopLight counting game:


Number One Game

The HoopLight has many colors and patterns.

Write down the color that you want to appear on the HoopLight. Each player shoots the ball ten times each. If the color of the player appears he receives one point. Whoever has the most points after 10 shots wins! They become Number One!


Pattern Lit Game (Grades 4 and up):

Each player shoots the basketball in the hoop twenty times. When the ball gets in, they see if a light pattern appears. The player to collect the most light patterns wins. They can make a graph of the results and then discover the average pattern appearance for each player.


Basketball shooting game:

A game called Score for More is fast paced and full of fun. This basketball shooting game allows each player to keep their own score. A free throw counts as 10 points, a layup is 5 points and 3-pointer is 20 points. The game is timed for 5 minutes. Each player keeps his own score. The player to score the most in the allotted time wins!


Basketball shooting drills:

During basketball shooting drills with your coach or parent, a HoopLight can be added to the rim to make basketball shooting drills more fun!


Have fun playing with this educational device called HoopLight!


By Lily Erlic 


About the Author

Lily Erlic was born in Victoria, BC. She grew up in the city of gardens. She wrote her first book in 2002 called Read to Me Rhymes: Seasons. She has written over 20 books for children. She invented a game for children called Math and the Beanstalk and won the Teacher's Choice Award for her book Grasslands (Series: Biomes). She is a proud member of the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). She is also the recipient of the Access Copyright Professional Development Grant.

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