HoopLight Goes To Globe Trotters Bball

Last year the HoopLight squad went to see the @harlemglobetrotters in Victoria, BC, Canada.


It was our first time going and it was so cool learning about all the talented athletes in the program.


Jure with Lily and Hot Shot from the Globetrotters

My brother and Mom even got the chance to snapped a pic with our favourite Globe Trotter @manilove102 aka ‘Hot Shot’.


You should have seen him. He’d pop shots off from the 4-point-line like it was nothing.


Yeah that’s right 4-point-line!! It was deep and he made it look easy. 😎🏀


Check it out here!


It left us with quite an impression.


And guess what!


The Globe Trotters are back in Victoria December 9th so of course we’re going again! 😆


Grab your tickets here!


Since then we’ve chatted with some of the players on Instagram so it’s going to be even more exciting this time.


Hopefully we’ll get a chance to say what’s up after the bball game and grab some autographs.


In particular I want one from @crissa_ace. She’s the 13th women to play for the Globe Trotters and is an impressive athlete.


Not only is she talented but man is she strong and like most Globe Trotters she also has a great sense of humor.


Video Of Crissa Being Talented And Strong


Video Of Crissa Being Hilarious


I’ve always thought HoopLight would be such an awesome fit for the Globe Trotters.


They were the first people in mind while I was creating it over a year ago!


hoop light

I think it would be especially a good fit if we programmed the HoopLight to only show cool Globe Trotter colors and patterns like this one!


We have had some success direct messaging some of the individual players but nothing back yet from the Globe Trotter organization themselves.


Come on Globe Trotters!


It’s all good, give them some time lol.


We will see you at the bball game in a couple weeks anyways! 😂


And we hope to see all of you guys out there as well!


I’ll bring a HoopLight just in case anyone wants one.


Joey Erlic

joey hooplight