HoopLight History - Playing Basketball With Friends in 2002

I still have my basketball hoop from 10 years ago.

There was a basketball hoop before that one too and I remember playing on it when I was at least 8 years old.

It was a special hoop, one that we played on so much that the backboard would get really dirty, and we'd actually clean it! (despite generally being super messy kids)

The basketball hoop was out front on the driveway.

Lots of great memories out there - everything from refusing to quit playing horse against my dad until I beat him, to playing basketball with friends in matches of epic proportions! 

But today I'll just share a bit about the latter.

So my two older brothers, Jure & Martin, and I, would play with our close neighborhood friends from down the street almost every day after school, at least for a couple of hours.

Eric, Alex, & David would come over and we'd have a blast playing 3 vs 3! 

It was the 'A Team' vs the 'Jesus Christ Crew'. 

Not sure how we named our teams to be honest, but I still remember them, Lol.

The 'Jesus Christ Crew' consisted of Martin, Eric & Alex, and the 'A-team' was made up of me, Jure and David.

It was hard to get Martin off the computer because he was so into Warcraft, but we bugged him so much that he just had to play!

We NEEDED to play basketball and we need a sixth man.

If Martin would be annoyed about our pestering, then so be it.

(By the way, deep down I'm sure this was part of the motivation to make HoopLight, to get kids of their devices Lol.)

Eric was always super enthusiastic about playing basketball, so much so that he would sometimes kick Jure's ankles to gain the upper hand if Jesus Christ Crew was losing.

Hardly very Jesus-like. Lol.

But it's okay, Jure forgive him and the 3 vs 3 competitions raged on...

For 24 hours sometimes!

Just kidding!

It only happened once, but we'll save that story for another time.

So who won the most you ask?! 

Well if it wasn't for Alex's sharp shooting and my brother Martin's dunking ability, which developed by age 13, then the matches would have been much closer, but in the end A-team won the majority of the time.

Eric would surely debate this of course. 

Go A-team! 

With A-team's teamwork and David's impeccable afro, there was no stopping us.

These were some of the best times we had as children. 

Playing ball and having no worry in the world.

Just pure fun.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the Jesus Christ Crew vs A-team battles, was taking the baseline jumper. 

My brother Jure would drive and draw most of their defenders, while David's huge afro obstructed our opponents' vision, and Jure would kick the ball to me on the baseline.

Here is where Martin would usually swat my shot into the bushes, or the ball would just creep over his finger tips and land in the basket.

This was one of the main reasons I wanted to develop my skills,and in time, I fell in love with the process. 

And I STILL LOVE the process.

I really believe it's because I had these experiences early on.

That's what I really want for kids growing up nowadays.

Whether it's playing basketball with friends and making connections, focusing on getting better or 'HoopLighting' the driveway basketball hoop, the main thing for me is that kids pick up a basketball and find passion in the sport.

So For The Love of Basketball! 

If you're a young baller, pick up a ball and start shooting! 

And if you're a parent, give your children an alternative to their devices.

Maybe you get them a ball. 

Maybe you get them a basketball hoop.

Maybe you get them a HoopLight.

Whatever you decide, try to give them the tools to fall in love with the sport!

If their experience turns out to be anything like ours, I can assure you one day they will be incredibly grateful!

Well, there's another order to fulfill :)

Until next time!

Joey Erlic

Joey HoopLight