HoopLight Is The First Ever Driveway Arcade Basketball Hoop Accessory

I’ve been dying to share with you guys some of the motivations behind HoopLight.

And believe me... There are a lot!
Eventually you will know all my secrets but for now let’s start with a eureka moment I had on August 31st, 2017.

I remember the date well because I had ordered an Arduino Starter Kit and it just arrived.
For those of you that have no idea what an Arduino is, it’s basically this customizable circuit board that you can use as the brains of almost and DIY engineering project.
Earlier that summer I had a huge brainstorming session with my genius inventor Uncle who is quite the entrepreneur himself. I dove deeper into this in recent blog posts but thought I would briefly mention it again in case you missed it! 😁
Anyway, last time I told you how my uncle pumped me up to create a product that closely linked to my passions. One of which is most definitely basketball!
But, I never told you guys how I landed on my new passion of engineering or how I actually made HoopLight… well… HoopLight! 😂
All summer, while I was finishing school and trying to figure out my life, I continued to think of new basketball inventions.
I kept writing them down one after another until I had a notebook full of just over 500 ideas.
MOST impossible to achieve without thousands or even MILLIONS of $$$ of funding. I had some crazy ones haha.
#67 Bungee Zip Line Basketball – Gymnasium where everyone is hooked up to a bungee zip line from the ceiling giving each player the ability to dunk from half court.
#134 Kevlar Indestructible Basketballs – Has your basketball ever rolled down the street and been run over by a bus? POP! 💥 It’s happened to me and my younger cousins countless times growing up.
#239 Self-Rebounding Basketball – No matter where you shoot it from it tracks you and rolls back to you on its own!
#345 NBA All-Star Game 2028 Hosted On the Moon!!! – Could you imagine Lebron James dunking from half court?! (By the way making this happen is still HoopLight’s ultimate dream/goal/vision) 😄
Like I said many, many wild ideas but no execution!
I soon found myself looking up random basketball inventions on Google and it brought me to this DIY/Engineering site.
This one project had blinking Christmas lights and sounds playing after a basket was made on this indoor mini hoop.
Then a massive idea collision exploded in my head like I just took a charge from Shaquille O'neal.

hoop light

Arcade-ify your basketball hoop at home to encourage the love, activity and creativity of basketball in youth!!! A totally new awesome reason to get off your butts on onto the court!!! 😎
Man I was so pumped and still am!
All the info for the project was on the site so I clicked and ordered all the parts.
Seems simple right? Got all the parts, a little programming here and there. Beep boop beep. Done!
Taking this project, supersizing it on a regulation hoop, weather proofing it, and making it durable enough to withstand constant abuse from flying basketballs was no easy task believe me!
BUT it was something I could achieve building with nonstop countless hours of obsessive learning and perseverance. Also, not to mention that it didn’t cost me a bazillion $$$ to make a working prototype. Although it wasn’t cheap either!!
AND it combined 2 of my greatest passions, basketball and my new found passion, engineering. So all that time I spent went by so quick!
Here’s a quick tip for anyone looking to be set up for happiness the rest of their life!
It’s a quote from my all-time favorite NBA player Steve Nash who has just been inducted into the hall of fame.
What he says is true for EVERYBODY because if you are able to follow your passions and set yourself up to be in a position to be side by side with your passions every day for the rest of your life then you WILL find true happiness.
“Find something you love to do, do it every day, be obsessed, balance can come later, use your imagination” – Steve Nash

Hall of Fame Speech Here - His awesome quote is at the very end!

Couldn’t have said it better myself Steve.
If I could share my greatest passion with my favorite NBA player that would be nothing short of legendary.
Steve do you want your own driveway arcade basketball hoop setup!?
For all that you’ve done for the sport I would be honored to send you one! 🙂
For the love of basketball follow your passions and light up your dreams.
And if this post inspired you at all at least let us try to light up your driveway with your very own HoopLight. 😂

Joey Erlic