Venice Beach is the Hooper’s Paradise for All Basketball Games

Last time I mentioned how there were so many things that inspired HoopLight.


Well here is a BIG one.


Before HoopLight, I didn’t have many aspirations to travel.


But after constant exposure to the Instagram basketball community it made me realize how much exciting talent, cool events and rich ball culture there is down at Venice Beach, California!


It’s HoopLight’s DREAM to light up some hoops down on Venice Beach. And in the future move the business there entirely!


Don’t get me wrong, I love Victoria, BC. It’s my home, people are friendly and I’ve made countless friends here that I will never forget. Plus we get to brag about the anomaly 2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash who grew up here. 😎


Yup, Victoria is wonderful! But, there is so much more that I would like to experience in the global basketball community.


It would also be an absolute blast playing pickup, meeting new people and learning new things about all basketball games.


In an interview Nick Ansom phrased himself as being “a student of the game” which I think is a really cool way to put it. I too am determined to continue playing this game we all love so much and take every opportunity I play to learn something new.


Nick also does a service to the global basketball community by bringing people from all corners of the world to play in tournaments on Venice Beach. He also does a service to the kids which HoopLight really admires.


In a Venice Ball video ‘Who’s Got Next?’ Nick explains how in their program they try to lay down a foundation for the kids by teach them all about basketball nutrition, yoga and even taking them surfing!


So cool! Makes me want to be a kid again. 😂


Then in the evening they unite the 12 best teams around to compete. You could say that I aspire to play in some of these high level all basketball games but I think going down to watch one would also be very rewarding.


Just to be a part of the ‘Hooper’s Paradise’ would be an enlightening experience in my opinion.


No politics, just hoops! These guys play straight up basketball. “Bring your game not your name.” Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me.


Video thumbnail of Venice Basketball League

Who’s Got Next?


Nick is the CEO of @veniceball and runs most their events. They started Venice Ball in 2006 and have been nurturing their ball culture ever since.


In addition to all of this I think it would be cool to go visit and run into one of the MANY basketball IG figures that come play on these courts.


Profiles of basketball players on instagram

@theprofessor, @tristanj22, @manilove, @bionicbrooks_ 


Just to name a few!!


It’s also home to the courts of one of my favourite movies ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. That’s just an added bonus thou. 😂


In summary, whether it’s fantastic competition on a global scale, IG ball stars, pickup games for any level, bringing people together around a great sport or even if you just want to play basketball all day long in the sun I encourage you to make your dreams come true and visit Venice Beach at least once in your life!


Maybe you will fall in love with the place and move there all together.


I know I might! 😁


For the love of basketball, do it for the kids like Nick!


Joey Erlic

joey hooplight