HoopLight Peas-In-A-Pod And Horse Basketball Game

In late July this past summer we asked our younger cousin @liamerlic to help us with a HoopLight video series explaining basketball games you could play with a couple of friends.


The idea was to provide valuable, free video content in exchange for an email subscription to our newsletter.




The series was discontinued!


Liam soon after became very busy competing at Nationals for the rest of the summer and the project slowly tapered off.


Here’s an episode of Liam explaining the classic game of PEAS-IN-A-POD.


So what do you think?


Should we continue the series?


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Next we are thinking of diving into the coolest version of a horse basketball game that you’ve ever seen.


‘HoopLight Horse’


It’s pretty much regular horse but with an added HoopLight AND a special rule we’re not going to reveal until the release. 😉


Making the peas video was a blast. We were aiming to produce a light hearted explanation video kind of like these guys.


Horse Explanation Video


However, making these simple videos is harder than it looks!


Apart from having the right equipment/software, filming and editing takes up a lot of time! Plus we need to fit in around our stud of a Cousin Liam’s busy athletic schedule. 😎


We found that it was probably a better use of our time sending HoopLight’s off and asking really cool Instagram Influencers to post some videos for us.


Just like @karolinabball and @adrianredhooper who posted an epic video just yesterday!


Video thumbnail of Karolinaball and her hooplight post



Regardless, we want to make another video about a horse basketball game because it was so fun last time!


Anyways this was a short one guys but it’s Saturday and I got to finish wrapping up some HoopLights for Christmas so I can bounce at the Flying Squirrel tonight. 😂


Christmas is just around the corner guys might be fun to light up your driveway with a HoopLight. 😁


Joey Erlic

joey hooplight