HoopLight’s Advice On The Best Basketball Games To Play

Playing basketball since childhood, I’ve done some pretty cool and fun things with a basketball and have experienced some of the best basketball games out there. Unless you’re in an intense match against your opponent, you don’t have to exert a lot of energy while playing basketball in order to have fun. Since I was that basketball-obsessed kid that developed a higher skill level compared to my schoolmates, it was hard to find tough competition for intense matches, so I often played less-intensive and fun games with my friends at different skill levels.

Best Basket Ball Games to Play

Check this post out to learn more about the best basketball games I’ve played as a kid and teenager. There are no requirements for minimum number of players. All you need are two players or more and a hoop – and a hoop light can add fun in darker conditions 😊

1.     Around the World

This basketball game can be played in several variations and it requires at least 2 players. As the name suggests, each player tries consecutive shots from different spots along the boundary of the key. You can use the same scoring convention as a regular basketball game, so two points for a made basket and three points for a made basket beyond the 3-point line. In addition, this game can include free-throw shots, twenty-foot shots, shots from half-court, and three-point shot. My favourite type of shot is definitely shooting from half!

2.     Golf

This basketball game for kids use the rules of Golf. Though it follows the same criteria as golf, it is played on a hardwood or blacktop instead of grass. Player 1 will choose a place to shoot for ‘Hole number 1’. Depending on how many shots it takes them to sink the basket, they will get a score - 1 point for scoring on the first attempt, 2 points for scoring in two shots, 3 shots for scoring in 3 shots etc. On ‘Hole number 2’, the next player will choose the place to shoot from. After 18 ‘holes’, add up your points, and the person with the lowest score wins!

3.     Musical Basketball Game

Musical Basketball requires at least 2 players and requires one basketball per player. As the name suggests, this game is a lot like musical chairs. Arrange the balls in the circle and start the music. The kids will start walking around the balls and when the music stops, each player will try to grab one and shoot. The last standing player to grab a ball and shoot, is out. The last player standing wins.

4.     Buzzer Beater

This is a simple and interesting game. All players line up behind the marked line where the players are to shoot from. Set up a timer, let’s say 20 seconds, and the player with the most hoops within the timeframe wins. We used to shoot from the 3-point or half court most games.

5.     Dribble Limbo

There are at least 3 players required for the dribble limbo game. Two players hold a long limbo pole at a certain height while the rest of the players dribble under the pole. The pole is at shoulder height on the first turn, and with each subsequent turn is lowered further and further. The player who succeeds at the lowest height wins.  

Final Verdict

The best basketball games here are just a few fond memories I experienced as child and teenager. Trust me, they are so much fun! Sometimes I prefer them to intense matches, depending on my energy level and how my body is feeling. O yeah! If you are arranging a basketball match for your kids and their friends, it’s going to be awesome regardless, but setting up a HoopLight can be that extra little something to get them thinking about being active the next time they have a choice between playing outside and hunkering down to play video games. If your kids are anything like my cousin’s they may not want to stop shooting on HoopLight and they’ll get tons of exercise. In fact, it may be hard to put them to bed! You’ve been warned! 😊 Lol – to Learn more click here.