HoopLight Shooting Drills

Recently, a lot of my friends in their mid-twenties have been telling me,


“Man, I would have loved a HoopLight when I was a kid. I would have played so much more!”


I definitely agree with them and would be lying if I said it wasn’t part of the motivation of creating it about a year ago. 😃


I’ve mentioned in recent posts how my cousins and their friends have been testing HoopLight for me.


And what I’ve found particularly interesting is that even my ‘non-basketball-playing cousins’ loved to join into shooting drills as long as it involved HoopLight.


Can you imagine?


Kids that don’t at all consider themselves high performance training athletes are enjoying the same type of drills that a serious basketball player would use to improve their game.


I thought that was one of the coolest things I’ve witnessed about HoopLight to date.


And there have been a lot of cool things witnessed. 😎


Here are three shooting drills I like to call ‘HoopLightTM Around The World Shooting Drills’.


They’re for all ages and skill level! Enjoy!


#1 Around The World Shooting Drill


This one requires a partner. It’s very simple and fun! There are 5 spots on the court.

  1. Baseline
  2. 45 degree angle
  3. Straight facing the hoop
  4. 45 degree angle (opposite side)
  5. Baseline (opposite side).

Start lined up with your partner in the first spot ready to shoot! Being ready to shoot means that you’re in an athletic stance with your knees slightly bent and you’re hands up ready to catch the ball. The first partner takes a shot. Regardless if partner #1 sinks the basket or misses, he/she will chase after the rebound. Partner #1 then passes to partner #2 who is ready to shoot! Once both partners have hit 2 shots each from the first spot, move on to the next spot and repeat until the drill is finished. It’s a race around the world!


#2 Around The World Percentage Shooting Drill


I play this one with my younger cousin all the time. His record is 21/25 and we try to get a high score every time we play.

Use the same 5 spots on the court as the first drill. This time one partner lines up in the first spot and the other partner stands underneath the basket. The partner lined up to shoot takes five shots at each spot while the other partner rebounds and counts his score. The goal is to get a high score! This drill is great for competing with your partner to see who can get the highest percentage. But it’s also great for competing with yourself and your all time high score!


#3 Shoot And Follow


This drill you can shoot from anywhere you like! It can be competitive or you can reach a certain goal as a team.

To start, both partners line up to shoot from anywhere they like. Once you shoot the ball grab the rebound and pass it to your partner, who is READY TO SHOOT from their desired spot. After the second partner shoots, he/she will grab the rebound and repeat the process.

For competitive play, a partner can win if they score 8 baskets before their other partner. To play as a team, the team can win if they score a total of 16 baskets together!


These drills were inspired by Baller Boot Camp.


I repeat. These drills are for ALL ages and skill level.


Fun, simple and even more motivating if you have a HoopLight to light up you shot! 😆




Keep doing what you love and enjoy the entire process.


Joey Erlic

joey hooplight