HoopLight's Competition - Basketball Hoop Light LED Options

Here at HoopLight we welcome competition!

In fact, we love it.

And to my dismay, when I first started looking in the market for competitors in the basketball hoop light led space, it was hard to find any.
Yes it's cool to start business in a space where no one else is operating, but there's something about competition that really fuels me.

In fact, that's one of the reasons I love playing sports.

It's always fun to measure my skill against others and constantly strive to improve, whether it's on the court or in the business world.

So the first competitor that comes to mind is Goalrilla.

They make a hoop accessory called 'Goalrilla LED Hoop Light'.

I wouldn't say that it's in direct competition with what we're doing though, because it's more about practicality.

It's a pole you can attach to your basketball goal, which extends above the hoop to provide light, after the sun goes down.

Basketball Hoop Light LED

There's no element of fun or entertainment to it, and the lighting isn't dynamic, so I'd say that Goalrilla's product is more of a something HoopLight can be combined with.

I guess you could say we're on the same team in a sense :)

Another option for a basketball hoop light LED is Glowcity's Glow In The Dark LED Rim Kit.
Basketball Hoop Light LED
They are kind of neat, but they lack a variety of colors and patterns, and there is no dynamic nature to it.

What I mean is that it doesn't light up in response to scoring a basket, it just stays lit the entire time.

There's definitely something missed here in terms of the user experience because there's no visual reward, it just doesn't feel the same.

Another option for you comes from a company called a glogames.cool.

They are similar to HoopLight in that their product attaches to the rim, but again there is no dynamic nature to the product.

It stays lit up, and it's purpose is to provide constant light, to extend evening time play.
Basketball Hoop Light LED

It may be a good product for practical purposes, but it's not really a direct competitor to us since it doesn't satisfy the need for fun and entertainment.

This one would probably be a good partner if it didn't attach to the rim.

It may also be a good partner if installing this product didn't change the integrity of the rim and how the ball bounces off of it.

In my opinion, that's some major interference to the game.

Not cool!

Well maybe we scrap the partnership idea because we can program the constant lit-up mode into our next version of HoopLight, so we can serve as a practical product, as well an entertainment product.

Super stoked for this!

Well all this talk about indirect competitors has got me fired up!

So I've got to get back to shipping out these orders.

Lots to do!

For the love of basketball!

If you want me to send yours out on our next shipment, be sure to get your HoopLight if you haven't already :)

Until next time,

Joey Erlic

Joey HoopLight