Mini Basketball Game For The Garage

Back when I was first prototyping HoopLight, my younger cousin @theswishingkeg10 would come over and be extra excited to play some ball.


He loves HoopLight plus he is just a basketball addict.


Normally we play basketball in my driveway but it was mid-Winter and pouring rain.


hoop light on mini hoop

This is a picture of the basketball hoop we used to first prototype HoopLight.


Built it ourselves if you couldn’t tell.


Anyways, instead of complaining about the rain we found a new way to enjoy the sport we both love so much.


Here are 3 mini basketball game you can play with friends on a rainy day.


If you don’t have a 4-foot prototype hoop with a full-sized cylinder, you can easily use any mini hoop!


hoop light on mini hoop

My cousin @theswishingkeg10 recently attached his HoopLight to his indoor mini hoop. 😂


Partly as a joke but also because there was torrential down pour outside.


HoopLight is totally waterproof by the way!


It was just it was raining so hard you couldn’t open your eyes to see the basket.


Game #1: Bounce 21


Ceilings are the worst part about playing inside because you need to totally re-engineer your natural shot so the ceiling doesn’t unexpectedly swat your shot into the 3rd row.


This game is just like 21 but of course you need to bounce shot every time.


Pick a line to bounce from. If you score you get another bounce. If you miss, it’s players 2’s bounce from where they grab the rebound. First player to 21 points wins!


WARNING: Not an easy game but don’t get discouraged! Think about how much your bounce pass will improve. Plus if you have a HoopLight on your mini hoop it will be that much more rewarding. 😉


Game #2: Mini Horse Basketball Game


Again, this is just like horse but there are two differences. The first, it’s inside on a mini hoop and the second, trick shots only.


WARNING AGAIN: I strongly recommend either removing or tying down any loose of breakable items in the room. Your parents will thank me.


For those of you who don’t know how to play horse. It’s easy!


Choose a trick shot and a spot to do it from. If you hit the shot, the next player needs to copy that shot exactly and if he misses he gets one letter. The first player to receive all the letters in HORSE loses!


So easy and fun.


If you’re looking for some cool trick shots to try check out ItsYeBoi. He’s hilarious and a total goof.


Game #3: Knee 1 vs 1


If you don’t have a couple giggle attacks during this game then you’re not playing it right.


This game is simple. It’s one vs one except on your knees and you only need to dribble the ball every 3 knee shuffles. That’s right, no traveling!


Fake out your defender purely with sleight of hand. 😎


Although not necessary, it does help if you use knee pads. If you don’t have knee pads, roll up a bunch of socks and tie them around your knees. LOL


So remember, next time you’re the victim of torrential down pour don’t let it stop you from being active!


Start a mini basketball game. 😂


There is always a new way to enjoy an old activity. Get creative!


Joey Erlic


joey hoop light