My HoopLight Epiphany - Brainstorm Basketball Exercises

Welcome Back!

Yesterday you learned a little bit about my backstory. 

I shared how I fell in love with the game of basketball and about some of the choices I made that set me on my path which led to injury.

But what you really want to know I'm sure...

Is how the heck did my injury lead to the Eureka moment that resulted in creating HoopLight?

Well here it goes...

After I messed up my hamstring, I was pretty depressed.

I felt like I didn't have a purpose.

I felt like nothing I did could amount to the same level of awesomeness that a professional sports career could have offered.

So I remained in a crappy mood for several months.

After I became too sick and tired of the way I felt, I decided to take action to change my situation and how I felt about my life.

So I made a phone call.

I called my Uncle, who I'd always admired for his entrepreneurial creativity and success.

He'd ran several successful businesses creating inventions.

Surely he could help me find my way out of this rut!

When I arrived at his house, our brainstorm session began.

And o man was it electric!!! 
Together we came up with TONS of ideas!

So we had a new problem - how was I to choose which idea to focus on! 

It felt overwhelming.

Until my Uncle made the game-changing statement: "Work on what you love. Work on what you're passionate about, and success will come"


That's exactly what I needed to hear.

So we then settled on a basketball product.

Basketball was my first love! It was obvious!

So one day while do some basketball exercises under my Uncle's dimly lit driveway, with his sons, an idea struck me. 

The idea I got was to make a product that attached to the backboard and shone light on the court, so my cousins could play later into the evenings!

But when I saw some other company doing that, I wanted to switch it up.

Go for something more unique.

Something that I would have loved growing up.

It had to be something that no one had ever done before, but also something that I could design and create.

Hmmm. A device that you attach to your rim that draws a basketball key with laser lights?

No no that couldn't be it. But close.

I then proceeded to scratch my head for a while, thinking of my options.

I went through a list of 500 or so ideas, before I landed on...


The idea popped into my head, as if a divine force had thrust it upon me to enlighten me with my life's purpose.

I was ecstatic!

It was going to be so fun!!!


I only had a Business Degree and knew nothing about engineering.

So I hopped on Google and deep dove into all things LED lights, circuit boards, and programming. 

I soon learned that engineering was another life passion of mine!

How lucky am I?

While trying to create the most epic invention of all time related to my greatest passion basketball, I discover my second greatest passion in life - engineering new inventions?!

Yup, it was pretty sweet :)

So to complete HoopLight with my limited knowledge, I consulted and learned from several local engineers and designers.

And Beep Boop Beep Boop...


HoopLight Version 1 was born :)

It only took me a full year to get this far.

I can't wait to see where HoopLight will take me in the next year!

I'm sooooo excited to share my creation with the world!

I was over at my cousin's house yesterday doing some basketball exercises, and I was so happy to see my little 4 year old cousin shooting on HoopLight, over and over and over again!

He absolutely loved it.


My mission has become to 'Encourage the love of basketball worldwide, through innovation and technology.'

So I've gotta ask...

Please join me on that mission! :)

Yes you've joined the HoopLight fam by subscribing to the email list, but now it's time to take it to the next level and join the HoopLight mission.

And it's worth saying again - To 'Encourage the love of basketball worldwide, through innovation and technology.'

Support the mission by ordering your HoopLight today, if you haven't already!

If you have, thank you so much! :)

We promise to reinvest your purchases into more product innovations that align with the mission.

So be sure to keep a look out for our new products and future HoopLight versions.


We're going to be coming out with a HoopLight app where you can choose light patterns, HoopLight sounds when you score and cool laser lights for the courts.

I know! I know! I can't wait either!

It's gonna be so cool! 

For the Love of Basketball!

Do what you love and never stop Hoopin'

Until next time,

Joe Erlic