NBA Stars Explain Their Love For Bball Games!

If you REALLY love bball games, then can you imagine signing away your rights to play basketball?! 🤔

Well believe it or not, some NBA players do just this in today's game. 😮

Teams are worried their players may hurt themselves needlessly during some pickup game in the off-season, so they get them to sign contracts that restrict their ability to play the game they love.

I know they're in the NBA and are getting paid a lot of money to play and put on performances during the season for fans who love the game, but ARE YOU SERIOUS?! 😥

Signing away your right to play basketball just seems like a HUGE sacrifice to me!

And apparently it seemed like too big a sacrifice for another basketball lover: Michael Jordan. 🏀

Whenever Michael negotiated contracts with the Chicago bulls, he'd ALWAYS make sure he maintained the rights to play basketball WHEREVER and WHENEVER he wanted.

It's that level of passion for the game, that made him the greatest player the world has ever seen! 😎

He showed his love for the game in different ways too - from early morning workouts to continuously seeking out new competition to improve each and every day.

He loved the sense of out-competing his opponents and the feeling of being number.

His passion drove him to get up early to get the edge on the competition.

"Some of my teammates for the Bulls - Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper - we would get up every morning before anybody else. We would get up and work out," Jordan said. 
"In life, it's the same way. If you're going to want to get ahead of everybody else, you're going to have to take those extra steps."

But loving basketball doesn't have to mean being the best!

It can also mean that "You just want to hoop".

If this sounds more like you, then you share the same thoughts as Chris Paul. 😄

Even though the eight-time NBA All-Star is as competitive as they come, his passion for the game comes from sharing it with others: "Even though we play in the NBA, we still have the same passion that you guys have about playing basketball. You can go hoop at any time. At school, you can hoop in your jeans, anytime, it doesn't matter. 
That's the love of the game to me. It's like none other. It's a passion, and I love it."

And for others like Carmelo Anthony, his "love of the game is waking up every morning knowing that at every corner, there is a court [he] can go out and play basketball at." 

When Carmelo was younger it meant "Getting in trouble at night for bouncing a ball in the house. Walking to school with a ball in my backpack. Just [wanting] to have fun. That's [his] love of the game."

And for NBA Champ Dwayne Wade, his basketball love comes from the fact that it's his sanctuary. 🙏

Growing up, whenever something bad was happening in his life, he'd turn the courts for some basketball therapy.

So even though these basketball stars 🤩 seem like their on a whole other level in terms of skill, we all share something in common with them. 

We all share a love for game of basketball ❤ - whether it's because it's a competitive outlet, a comforting element of life that's always there, or a source of peace during the tough times.  

We all have our reasons, but at the end of the day we all feel the same.

So what's your reason for loving basketball?! 🤔

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Joey Erlic