The Best Shooters Are BEEFy Shooters - Basketball Shooting Tips

Hey Guys!

Some helpful basketball shooting tips coming your way, but first I've gotta tell ya...

Had an UNREAL time this weekend playing basketball against my high school's current team, as part of the St. Michael's University School (SMUS) alumni squad.

It was so much fun! (I'll write a separate email about this in the coming days)

Had a great time playing with old teammates and seeing everyone play so well together, even though it had been a while.

The young bloods put up quite a fight in the first half, but in the second half the SMUS alumni squad pulled ahead and we ended up winning 110-ish to 80-ish.

The young bloods competed hard, and that made me happy. 

I can't wait for our next match in May! 

Going to start training now, by shooting at least a couple hundred shots a day.

It's going to be an epic rematch!

As I was playing against the young bloods, while seeing my favorite coach Ian Hyde-lay on their bench, a bunch of fundamentals poured back into my mind.

One that came to mind, while I swished a 3-pointer, was BEEF.


BEEF is your shooting tip for the day and it stands for Balance, Elbows, Eyes, and Follow-through.

You may have heard of BEEF before, but it's always helpful to receive a reminder from time to time!

Balance - having this is key. Having your weight evenly distributed each time you shoot will build a consistency into your shoot. Consistency is one of the most important things you can develop as a shooter. To achieve the best balance possible, you should have your feet shoulder-width apart (maybe a tiny bit less than full shoulder-width), and when you finish shooting your feet should land just slightly ahead of where you jumped from. 

Elbows - Imagine that you're in a phone booth. Imagine that you're in a box and your elbow can't bend outwards. Your ideal elbow position will be when your shooting hand is aligned with your hips, knees and feet. You will want to keep your elbow aligned throughout your entire shooting motion.

Eyes - Lock your eyes on one part of rim. This depends on where you feel is most natural for fixing your gaze. In my experience, most players will look at the front or back of the rim. Once you decide on where you will look, stay consistent. Remember, consistency is so important to shooting, so wherever you can add more consistency, you need to do it! Keep your eyes fixed on the front or back rim throughout your entire shooting motion!

Follow-through - Imagine you're putting your hand in the cookie jar. When you're done following through, you will want your fingers and thumbs pointing down towards the ground. This will give your shot some nice backspin, which will make the ball stickier on the rim, and give it a better chance of going in. Make sure to hold your follow-through until the ball goes in or until the ball hits the rim. 

Once you have these basketball shooting tips incorporated consistently into your shot, you will have one BEEFy shot! 

For the love of basketball, make your shot BEEFy and you will have nothing to fear.

Notice how all of the best shooters have BEEFy shots - Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller.

Seriously, go watch them on youtube and see how BEEFy they are.

I gotta go!

All this talk about BEEF is making me hungry!

Gotta eat a bunch so I have enough energy to ship out all these HoopLights.

In fact, a bunch of people have been telling us they are getting their HoopLights to BEEF up their shot.

Not a bad idea if I do say so myself! :)

Until next time,


joey hooplight