The Injury That Led To The Creation Of My Bball Product Idea

'Ahhhh!!! My hamstring! I pulled my hamstring!!!'

I YELLED in my head super loudly as I tried to act tough.

It was intense pain. Believe me!

You know the kind of pain where it's impossible to focus on anything else?

It was Bad. REAL Bad.

And then ... 

Thoughts and feelings MORE PAINFUL than my injury, began racing through my head...

Like... 'Is this the end of my career?' 

'Will I ever play again?' 

'What will I do with my life if I can't continue playing?!'

I was freaking out to say the least.

And unfortunately, we happened to lost the game too.

It was a HUGE dissapointment...

I learned later on, of the sentiments my coach and teammates had expressed that day.

They felt sad for me...

They saw how hard I worked to get my body healthy again.

They knew that it was my last year playing on the varsity team.

They saw how badly I wanted to make my dreams come true...

So that night, as I struggled to fall asleep I had the chance to think about a few things.

Most of all, I couldn't help but think about my shattered dreams.

All I ever wanted growing up, was to be a professional athlete one day playing bball.

The feeling of mastering my craft, being number 1, and the electricity of the fans cheering me on...

I was excited to experience it all!

Seeing that dream whisked away from me ... broke my heart. 

You always hear about career-ending injuries, but you never figure it will happen to you.

Well it did happen to me.

And you know how I felt?

After all that pain, you know how I felt?



Yes - Oddly enough, I felt grateful.

Not immediately. 

At First I was incredibly angry and sad.

But eventually, I began to feel overwhelming gratitude because this event in my life was what I needed to help me find my true calling: creating my bball product - HoopLight!

There's nothing that gives me more joy that the game of bball:)

Basketball was my first true love.

And to be able to wake up every day to put my love of basketball into my work, is a great privelege for me.

And the best part is, HoopLight has allowed me to revive my dreams once shattered.

But how the heck can that be possible?

Guess you'll just have to tune in tomorrow to find out! 

Until then,

For The Love of bball!

Joe Erlic



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