The Story Of How I Fell In Love With Multiplayer Basketball Games

Welcome Back! 

In yesterday's post you learned about my injury and that it led me on the path to creating HoopLight.

So you might be thinking...

'But Joe, how did it happen exactly? Please connect the dots!'

Why sure. You're part of the fam! :)


Growing up I LOVED playing multiplayer basketball games!

I think that became incredibly apparent to everyone when my brothers and I banned together to dig up the yard so we could expand the basketball court.

We were 12, 10, and 8 (I was 8) at the time, or something like that.

I laugh out loud as I recount that experience - Such good times :)

When my mom and dad arrived home, they saw how much we wanted to expand the court, so they called the asphalt guys to come pour it in that week.

After the pour, we played multiplayer basketball games every single day after school with our good friends from down the street!

Anyhoo, fast forwarding a bunch...

I played school basketball all throughout middle school and high school.

It was sooo much fun!!! 

I had the privelege of leading my team to consecutive provincial tournaments, and we created some super awesome memories in the process!

Then when I graduated high school, I stood at a crossroads...

I had the option of trying out for varsity rugby and varsity basketball.

My heart lied with both rugby and basketball so I had never been so torn about anything in my entire life.

All my friends were playing rugby so that's the direction I was ultimately pulled in. 

Looking back on it, an even bigger part of my heart wished that all my friends were into playing multiplayer basketball games.

I remember one day, I was shooting hoops in the gym, and the varsity basketball coach asked me to tryout.

I sheepishly declined and ran off to varsity rugby tryouts.

In hindsight, I think I was scared to be without my friends.

I don't have many regrets in life, but if I did have any, running out of the gym that day would definitely be one of them.

It's hard to consider it a real regret though.

Because if I didn't run out of the gym that day towards rugby practice, I wouldn't have suffered the awful hamstring injury I shared with you yesterday, which me led to where I am today.

And where's that?

At HoopLight Headquarters tinkering away on your HoopLight of course! 

(So you and all your friends can enjoy it together :) )

Which I need to get back to by the way! 

Big shipment tomorrow.

I'll fully connect the dots tomorrow, - I promise!

For The Love Of Basketball!

Be sure to check your email tomorrow when I share what happened after my injury which led me to my HoopLight epiphany.

Until then,

Joey Erlic