The Ultimate Super Basketball Games Of HoopLight HQ 2006

In a recent post I mentioned how there was one time we played the most epic 24 hour basketball game in human history at HoopLight HQ 12 years ago.


Except back then it wasn’t called HoopLight HQ! It was the Ultimate Super Basketball League.


Sweet name right? 😂


I was 12 years old and my brothers were 14 and 15. The rest of the neighbourhood ball crew was about 14 as well.


I was the youngest so I always got picked on and swatted into the hedges. But I didn’t mind because I knew one day I would have my revenge. 😈


Just kidding! However, I did grow up to be the most athletic of the bunch but that’s all thanks to the guys.


My ultimate goal was to beat them one day and that nurtured a very strong love for the game within me.


Thanks guys! ❤


Anyways, we must have played every single day that summer. So much that we dug up the side of our drive way so we could extend the asphalt and finally have some corner 3 ball action.


Yup, by mid-summer things got intense. Couple elbows here and there and a couple huge fights on game winning calls.


We decided we needed to settle this once and for all.


And thus, the Ultimate Super Basketball Games of 2006 commenced!


The longest day of the year was approaching so we decided that day #1 of the games should kick off with a 24 hour basketball game!? 🙃


Haha so easy right? There was only like 6 hours of darkness how hard could it be?


Whose idea was this anyway? Oh right it was mine lol.


The preparation began. We brought out a big ol water cooler, Momz baked us a bunch of energy bars and pizza, and we all wore dope headbands that color coordinated for teams.


Game #1 tipped off at 9am and we were neck and neck.


JCC Vs A-Team.


Legendary match ups. I kept imagining an entire stadium roaring every time we scored.


Which was actually a huge inspiration for HoopLight. My goal is to make anyone, basketball lovers or not, feel completely overwhelmingly thrilled after they’ve sunk a basket. ☺


By noon the score was in the hundreds playing with one and two pointers. We were hurting haha.


But how much longer could we keep this up? By 5pm it was no joke something like 205-250.  The game was reduced to a slow moving turn based game of basketball chess.


At this point it was honestly pointless to continue. “Anyone want to play NBA live 05?” 😂


The A-Team took the W as we all waddled inside to eat pizza and play video games. I don’t think anyone was disappointed thou we put in work and we’ve never been so tired ever.


Although I don’t know if I recommend playing 8 hours straight to be honest. We could walk properly for a week!


And that was the end of the Ultimate Super Basketball Games Of 2006. We still owe the game 16 hours thou!

kids playing basketball together on short hoop


But it’s not over yet. I just texted my younger cousins and they want to carry on the tradition! They love balling just as much, if not more than we did!


Until next time guys.


Find something you love and do it every day!


Joey Erlic

joey hooplight