Trampoline Games Basketball Games - HoopLight Flying Squirrel Experience!!!

What's up HoopLight Fam! 😎

You wouldn't believe how high I jumped last night! 

It was higher than I'd ever jumped before in my life :)

And I LOVED the feeling. ❤

What fun games basketball games are!

My vertical leap must have been something like over 5 feet tall!



All you need is a trampoline :) Haha 😂

So we went to a super fun trampoline park here in town called The Flying Squirrel.

The staff there are super friendly and were kind enough to help us setup a HoopLight on one of their basketball hoops just before their Neon Lights Night began. 🏀

The trampoline park is already A BLAST to begin with, but every Friday and Saturday at 9pm - 12pm they kick it up a notch and have a Neon Lights Night!!!

Imagine a club with no gravity, combined with lasers, black lights, strobes and fog machines!

It gives the place a whole new magical vibe. What an atmosphere! 😄

And it's magical indeed when you're blasting off towards the basketball while pulling off THE COOLEST dunk tricks in the air. 😎

360 between the legs dunk!

Reverse double clutch dunk! 

Some crazy 360 dunks!

Check out @HoopLightOfficial to see us having fun like little kids LOL 😂

And my 12 year old cousin was there too.

I could see he was able dunk, but he just needed a little extra commitment and a little stretch at the end of his leap to make it happen for real.

Once he was made aware of that, he was able to jam! Nice job Cuz! 😄

I was SO AMPED to see him so excited at The Flying Squirrel trampoline park!

You could tell by looking at him that experiences like this one lit up his Hoop Dreams. 

I bet he was imagining dunking in a basketball game and it was easy to tell that trampoline slam dunking got him inspired to do the real thing on the court.

It was special to see!

What fun games basketball games are!

Well that's all for today :)

For the love of basketball! ❤

Make sure to experience the Flying Squirrel if you're in Victoria or basketball trampoline near you to get inspire and light up your dreams! 🤩

Until Next time,

Joey Erlic