UVIC's PlanIt Business Competition - What's a Basketball Hoop Light?

When I tell people that my brother has created a basketball tech product, they always look at me puzzled.

After I take a few seconds to show them though, they immediately understand what a basketball hoop light is. Simple ideas are often the most powerful, and a reaction we often get from customers sums it up quite nicely: "I'm surprised no one's thought of this idea before?!"

And this is the exact same comments we received from Thomas, one of the Judges at PlanIt, on August 3rd, during Q&A after our presentation. (After he swished a 3-point shot from the far corner and the judges went wild! :)

Whenever I hear that comment I think to myself 'Isn't it exciting?! What a magnificent opportunity to make a new type of basketball product, a basketball hoop light!'

So with that mindset, we couldn't say no the the PlanIt competition, despite everything else going on. And o man! What a week it was preparing for the competition! It was a fun time, but frantic as well. In the end, it was totally worth it.

The HoopLight team of 3 brothers, Josip, Martin and Jure Erlic, had no idea they'd be presenting to a panel of judges at Uvic just 1 week after they decided to put their name forward as a participating company.

Joseph (President, VP Product Development), learned of the opportunity from one of his professors and led us in submitting our Lean Venture Canvas and our slide deck, and headlining our presentation.

Kicking it off, Joseph talked about developing and making HoopLights, but not before speaking on the main problems that our basketball hoop light will solve. Namely, to help bored basketball kids fall in, and stay in love with the game of basketball and to also help smartphone-battling parents encourage their kids to lead an active lifestyle through the sport.

Jure (VP Sales & Marketing), talked about strategies to get our product into more peoples' hands, so they can feel the excitement of it all, and get a sense of the consistent shooting routine it helps to develop.

And Martin (VP Technology), went over HoopLight innovations in the pipeline that will take the basketball hoop lights to the next level. 

The judges had a blast, and most of them got their turn shooting on HoopLight. As the hoop and their smiles lit up, it made us feel we had a good shot at winning! And in the end, we were presented with that very honor :)

What a day! Thank you to all the judges once again for the opportunity, and for the privilege to give it our best shot. Your appreciation for what we're doing and support means a lot to our mission: To Encourage Kid's Love For The Game Of Basketball! 

Time to go sell some HoopLights!