What Is The HoopLight Basketball Arcade Of The Future?

Every time I've gone to an arcade, I've been instantly drawn to the... you guessed it! The basketball arcade machine.


Well other than enjoying the blinking lights flashing on the backboard, and the announcer emphatically calling out that I've scored another 2 points, it's a great time competing with my brothers and friends.

It doesn't matter how old we all get, we still have a blast!

So the last time I played on a basketball arcade machine, a bunch of ideas came rushing to me.

And of course, these were ideas that we could apply to future versions of HoopLight!

Not to say we'll be implementing any of these ideas, but when I get ideas like this I just gotta tell someone, and who better to tell than the HoopLight Fam?

So a couple of years back my brother and I began a lifelong basketball shooting contest.

It's truly the game that never ends.

We haven't played for a while but I think I'm ahead like 20 wins to 15 wins in our lifelong duel of Horse.

Only if there was an app on my phone to track our lifelong duel!

Now wouldn't that be something!

And when my brother's not there to play with me, how cool would it be if I could play against one of my favorite NBA players like Giannis Antetokounmpo or Swaggy P?

Okay if you're thinking of having a platform for live streaming shooting competitions between you and your favorite NBA player, that wasn't exactly my initial idea, but WOAH!

That's pretty amazing too!

Seriously, how many people would be incredibly enthusiastic to play against their favorite NBA player?

Just throw a camera on the HoopLight and beep, boop, done!

So back to my idea...

I was thinking that we throw on some Augmented Reality Goggles (they're like computer glasses, but sporty) and playing with a hologram version of your favorite NBA player.

They'd be able to talk and everything, they'd have a hologram basketball, and you'd be able to play shooting games with them.

They can even trash talk you!

Now that would totally take the basketball arcade experience to a whole new level, wouldn't it?!

Man I'm pumped.

For the Love Of Basketball!

I better get back to work on the current version of HoopLight so I can make these crazy future ideas into a reality one day!

And if you're diggin' these ideas but haven't yet purchased your HoopLight, now's a good time!

When you buy your HoopLight, your money will go to good use because we're in the process of upgrading HoopLight to bring you an even more awesome user experience!

I can't wait for you to experience it.

It's going to be so sweet!

Until next time,

Joey Erlic

joey hooplight