What Could Be Better Than Basketball Computer Games?

Let's be honest. Basketball computer games rock! They are a ton of fun. I remember playing NBA Live 90' when I was a kid. Even though the graphics were pretty crappy by today's standards, the feeling of scoring from half court on a pixelated screen, as Michael Jordan, was enthralling. +3 points! Winning the game by just 1 point (104-103)!!! What a rush.

It was even more of a rush when I saw my younger brother get all upset as I spanked him at video games. After his defeat, he'd yell at me and say "Yeah, well it's just a video game! I'd beat you at real basketball!" His anger was misplaced, but the passion behind his words were spot on. He was more enthusiastic and placed more importance on the real world version of basketball, as we all should do!

Even though video games are super fun and get our dopamine blasting at fast rates, it's quite unfortunate how they are physically inactive and are possible to get addicted to. Basketball computer games will always have a place in my heart, but it doesn't compare to the real thing. No Way! There's something about getting out of your head, and into your body. In my opinion, there's nothing that makes you feel more alive than playing a sport you love. Your body, mind and fighting spirit all become infused for the purpose of having fun and competing to win. It's quite the feeling. That same feeling can't replaced by basketball computer games. It's just not possible. 

I guess you could argue that basketball gaming can be helpful in learning to think strategically about the game, especially once you're too physically tired to play anymore basketball, but it pales in comparison to the post-workout feeling of pride, sweat and endorphins after battling it out on the court.

My younger brother Joe, the one who I grew up playing video games with and threw tantrums (lol), had a thought as he was playing a basketball video game one day. He thought to himself, why can't real basketball be like a video game? 

Think about it. What makes a video game? A goal, rules and a bunch of immediate sensory feedback - lights, sound effects, pop-up text saying encouraging stuff like "Nice shot!" or "Swish!". So Joe had the brilliant idea of taking some elements of computer basketball games and adding them to the real game of basketball. What an idea! It would provide the sensory feedback of a video game, but the physical exertion of a sport.

So Joe began with the sensory feedback of LED lights, but has so much more in store. Think about how many cool things may come of this style of thinking. Essentially HoopLight will be turning your basketball court into a real-live video game! Get ready! This is going to be super awesome.

So stop playing basketball computer games, get your butt off your chair and onto a basketball court. You need to start practicing if you're to be competing in the real-live video game that HoopLight has in store for you!