Why Basketball Shooting Drills For Young Ballers are Important

As a young hooper growing up, I learned to appreciate the love for the game of basketball through shooting repetition. It was the feeling of improving and getting better that I unknowingly fell in love with. And yes, the sound of a swish felt pretty cool too. From learning the game and learning from mentors and coaches, I discovered some shooting drills, that not only helped my game, but drilled that feeling of love for the game.

I remember having one of the worst games of my life in grade 10. I cried all the way home on the bus. It was deep cutting pain because I'd begun identifying with being a basketball player, and that's where I got my self-esteem from. After air balling 4 times in the game, I felt embarrassed and inferior. I was supposed to be the best on my team but I played like garbage and picked a fight with one of the players on the other team. 

The thing that got me through the pain was going back to the thing that helped me fall in love with the game of basketball. That is, I honed in on the basketball shooting drills that had allowed me to get to the level of game that I knew I had. Some days I'd get up 500 shots, just loving every minute of it - the misses, the makes, the swishes. All of the effort meant that I was moving forward in my basketball career. Everything from running off down-screens like I would in games to shooting NBA 3-point contest style. 

It was a positive loop, with some bumps. I'd shoot, get better, win games, love the game more, shoot, lose games, revisit my love for the game, shoot, win games, love the game etc. Although different basketball shooting drills have varying degrees of ability to help you skill-up as a baller, it didn't really matter which drill I'd do from the perspective of loving the game. 

I never made the NBA, but ask any competitive or professional athlete and I'm sure they'd tell you that one of their reasons for loving the game so much is their dedication to the game of basketball. It's not just basketball shooting drills though. Think about all the dribbling or jumping drills you can do as a young baller to skill up, and fall in love with the game at the same time. 

So I think, at the end of the day, the love for game of basketball is directly correlated to one's dedication and commitment to the game. It has to do with skilling up, yes, but it also has to do with forming your identity that you're a baller and you live for the game. As a person gets better at their craft, they often feel more confident and see themselves in a more positive light. They have an increased capacity to love themselves as a person and player, and that spills over into their game, and willingness to dedicate their time to things like basketball shooting drills.

Bring your love to the game, and the game will love you back! Never stop ballin and never stop shooting! 

For practical tips on which shooting drills to practice, stay tuned for our next blog post! 

Never stop Hoopin.