Will Our Basketball Hoop Light Travel Worldwide With The Globetrotters?

I was on my way up to my friend’s cabin for the weekend when I got an urgent call from my brother.


“Joey the Globetrotters are in town and I’m going to sneak our basketball hoop light into the game so that they can use it for the show today”.


Uncharacteristically, I panic and said, “Jure! No! They’re going to confiscate it and we’re almost sold out. We need HoopLights for Christmas, what about the kids!?”


I came back on Sunday and it went really well.


Normally I would have jumped at the chance to give the green light on an undercover mission like this.


But the pressures of business are intense!


Jure went to the arena a couple hours before the game started with our younger cousin.


I should have seen this coming but slipping by security was so easy! 😂


My brother walked in with the box and when the security guard got suspicious he opened the box, waved his hand in front of HoopLight to show him the lights and said,


“Look man, it’s for the show!”


The guard, mesmerized, said,


“Woooaaah that’s so cool” and let him walk right by.


After Jure was in he got really lucky. Or maybe he’s a secret agent?


Jure walked by the roped-off staff area and overheard a conversation.


The coordinator/coach lady of the hip hop dance crew was standing there asking for the Globetrotter’s manager.


As she was waiting, Jure began to show her HoopLight.


She was astonished by HoopLight and some primo HoopLight video content, Jure went 2 for 2!


After the security guard came to let her and she went to go speak with the manager about 20 feet away, she told the manager:


“Oh! He is here to see you, about a product that lights up your hoop!


It was a straight HoopLight shot to the top!


Jure met the manager to show him our basketball hoop light and he loved it, then gave him his business card to connect after the show.


I talked in recent blog posts about how much we love the Globetrotters and how it would be such an awesome fit with HoopLight.


This is our chance!


Then walking around in the arena, Jure had the honour of meeting a Globetrotter legend, Sweet Lou.


Sweet Lou played on the team in the 80’s and is now the coach.


He gave Jure his card and offered to connect us with the right people.


We have a feeling Sweet Lou will pull through! :)


When I was writing my last Globetrotters post, I had no idea that on December 9th we would have such an opportunity!

Let’s see how it goes, hopefully we can get HoopLight into the show!


My brother was having so much fun and was so glad him and his cousin had magic passes. 


They got to be up close with Coach Lou and the globetrotters and even got to take some pics with Globetrotter Sky and Globetrotter Lights Out!

Jure and Gabe with Globetrotter Sky

Jure with our cousin Gabe and Globetrotter Sky

Jure and Gabe with Globetrotter Lights Out

Jure with our cousin Gabe and Globetrotter Lights Out

Just goes to show, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


So when the opportunity comes, take the shot!


The worst that can happen is you miss or in our case lose a HoopLight before Christmas.


Glad we didn’t thou because now we have an extra HoopLight to ship out to you guys!


Merry Christmas HoopLighters!


Joey Erlic


Joey HoopLight