High Intensity Training Secret for Basketball

Interesting fact:

Once, long ago, I was training for a half-marathon. But, due to some nagging injuries, I had a very limited time to train.

That’s when I discovered something called the “Tabatha Protocol”.

It allowed me to train for this half-marathon by never running more than 7 miles before race day (a half marathon is 13.1 miles).


Glad you asked!

The Protocol dictates that to train for long-distance races, you can do very high intensity training (you might have heard of it as “HIIT”). To train for the race, I simply did 8 minutes of 20 second sprints (with 10 second rests between them). This training allowed me to run the race while barely having run half the race distance itself.

And you know what’s cool?

Basketball is just like this.

Lots of short, intense workouts that have huge benefits in both the short and the long term. So, your kids don’t need to be playing for hours and hours on end to get some major health benefits...

You just need them to go out and shoot on the HoopLight for a few minutes a day, and the health benefits?


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