HoopLight - Top 5 Best Basketball Games Offline

One of the purposes HoopLight was created was to get kids offline! So it's only fitting that we have a quick list of some awesome basketball games offline! 



1) Musical Basketballs

This game will have you moving to the beat! Nothing’s more fun than playing basketball while listening to your favorite tunes!

This game requires 1 ball per player and an extra person who is the ‘musical referee’. You can have as many players as you’d like. 6 players is the recommended number of players on a hoop for this game.

Each player places their ball in a bunch at the free throw line, and moves around the balls in a circle. Have your ‘musical referee’  play your favorite tunes and randomly stop the song after about 15-20 seconds. When the music stops, each player grabs a ball and shoots. Players continue to rebound their ball and shoot until they score. The last player who scores, will sit out until the end of the game.

Repeat the process until there is one player left standing. Oh, and don’t forget to dance your pants off while you play!



  • 2) HORSE

  • Horse is a classic! But many play the game differently. Here’s our Hooplight Version of Horse! Horse is played with 2 or more players. Player 1 will choose a spot on the court to shoot from. If Player 1 scores, Player 2 needs to copy them. The two things that need to be copied are the location on the court and method of shooting. So for example, if Player 1 scores from the free throw line with a left-handed hookshot, then Player 2 needs to shoot from the free throw line with a left-handed hookshot (A hookshot is a shot in basketball made usually while standing sideways to the basket by swinging the ball up in an arc with the far hand). If Player 2 misses the shot while copying Player 1, they get the first letter, ‘H’. If Player 2 scores, no letter is received. Players only get a letter when they miss while copying another player. If a player spells horse, they lose. The last player standing wins!


  • 3) Chance

  • Chance is a shooting game that’s all about taking risks, and one of our favorite basketball games offline! The purpose of the game is to make 10 shots from each designated shot spot on the court. Chance is a turn based game recomended for 2-4 players. When it's your turn, you get to shoot from the 1st shot spot. If you make it, congratulations! You then move on up to the second shot spot! If you miss then it’s the next players turn, however, there’s a twist. Your allowed taking a second shot if you call “chance”. If you make your second chance then once again you get to move on up a spot but if you miss your second chance then you go back to the beginning - to the first designated shot spot. Players get to choose each designated shot spot and their order. Don’t be afraid to take your chances!


  • 4) Buzzer Beater
  • When you imagine your next basket will put your team ahead by 1 point, making you and your teammates NBA champions, there’s no better feeling. Buzzer Beater is a simple game, but it’s one that will bring your imagination to life.

    Set a 10 second timer and score as many baskets as you can. Make sure to keep count!  You can play against yourself, trying to improve on your previous score each time. Or you can play with a friend and alternate as shooter, with the other person on timer duty.


  • Peas in a Pod
  • This game is one of our favourite basketball games offline! It’s great to play with just one or all of your friends! The purpose of the game is to avoid getting any peas in your pod. If a player receives 21 or more peas then their pod bursts and they lose. Players line up at the free throw line and attempt to make shots one at a time. If a player scores, that’s 2 peas in the communal pod. If the next player scores, that’s 4 peas in the communal pod. If a player misses then they get a chance to quickly alley-oop the ball back in the hoop for 1 point, but watch out, you only get a maximum of 1 bounce before the ball becomes “dead” and your shot counts as a miss. An alley-oop is when you jump in the air and put the ball in the basket before your feet touch the ground. If the player can’t make their first shot and the alley-oop they then receive ALL the peas in the communal pod. Be the last one standing and get all the bragging rights!


    Hope you enjoyed learning about these the fun basketball games offline. Now put them into action and have a blast! :)