This Guy Plays Around The World Basketball And Inspires Millions

Have you guys seen that YouTube video of Spiderman breaking countless ankles and showing no mercy to random streetballers?


You probably have, this guy is kind of a legend. In case you haven’t you gotta! 😎

Check out the link below.
Spiderman playing basketball at the park

Grayson Boucher better known as the 'Professor'. 🔥🔥🔥🏀

He is an around the world basketball entertainer, an ex-pro-AND1-streetballer, and a fulltime social influencer.

But he’s also so much more than that! He inspires millions everyday through his incredibly unique, lightning fast moves, his message, and his life story all via his exceptionally large social media platforms.

I recently watched a TEDx Talk where the professor shares all of this and man was I pumped! 😆

Check it out here!
Basketball Icon the professor giving a TED Talk

It really got me motivated to continue following my passion and to spread HoopLight’s message.

“To inspire the love of basketball through innovation and technology!!!”
He ended his talk with three things that he learned. Each point really stuck with me and I wanted to share with you how they relate to HoopLight and my story.


For me that means waking up and busting my butt for HoopLight everyday by doing tasks that might seem difficult or scary but doing them anyway because I know it will help take us one step closer to lighting up our hooptastic dreams.


Hearing no can be really devastating especially when it relates to something you love and work hard for everyday.

And at one point it was...

Getting a career ending injury was the biggest no I’ve ever experienced.

No more competitive sports, no more team bonding.

That is what was running through my mind...

But it wasn’t the end of my road, because without having had that injury, I would never have been able to start HoopLight.

Which now HoopLight actually seems like a much better fit for me than a professional athlete anyway! ☺️

The road is just beginning and I am SO EXCITED to see where it takes me.


This one really hit home for me. As you may have realized by now I am obsessed with all things basketball and technology. Fusing my two passions together ignited the determination to work hard on what I love every day.

But does it really feel like work when you love it so much? Sure it can be overwhelming but the short answer is NO!

In the end it inspired HoopLight to become a reality. And I hope one day it becomes something big and inspires others to have the courage to chase after their dreams.

My passions became my purpose and YOURS CAN TOO!!!

So, keep on dreaming, keep on working hard and find your purpose

It might even take you to play around the world basketball (just like the professor).

So, get outside and shoot some hoops, because that’s where I will be! Lighting up the rim on my HoopLight.

Wish you could join me!

For the love of all things basketball.

Joey HoopLight

joey hooplight