This Man Holds More Guinness World Records Than The Entire Harlem Globetrotters Squad!

But Who?!

That's an unbelievable record, don't you think?!

It would take someone with some serious dedication and love for the game to accomplish such a feat.

If you love basketball as much as I think you do, you probably already know who I'm talking about.

He's been a professional Street Ball basketball player for 12 years, the face of UK basketball and UK & European Street Ball Champion...

It's Tom 'Conman' Connors!

This guy is a Street Ball LEGEND!

But even with all he's done in Street Ball, he's so much more than the moves he develops and the showstopping tricks he pulls off on his opponents.

No matter what Tom does, it's all in line with his vision of inspiring the youth to lead a positive and active lifestyle.

This is probably the thing I admire most about Tom.

And he does this in so many ways!

Whether, he's putting on a Freestyle show for a charity, school, or Ted talk in Cardiff, showcasing his moves at a community gym, touring the globe with his urban sports entertainment company SBX, or inventing cool new products, Tom is living life with a purpose.

And it's easy to tell what that purpose is:

To encourage the love of the sport that is so close to his heart, and to show young kids that anything is possible if they dedicate themselves.

This guy is a seriously awesome role model!

When you have a Tom 'Conman' Experience, you can feel his passion radiating.

When he's performing or speaking to a crowd, you can see he's at peace and loving every minute of it, whether he's showing off his skills or interacting with people.

My brother had the privilege of speaking with Tom on the phone, and my brother couldn't stop talking about how kind and down-to-earth he was.

Despite all that Tom has achieved and how recognized he is, he treats you with respect and as an equal.

(Although I'm totally not an equal on the basketball court and I'm sure he'd pull off his patented 'Seamill Con' on me with ease Haha)

And that's just one of his moves!

Tom has so many awesome moves, you gotta check him out if you haven't already seen him in action.

('Seamill Con' at around 1:20 in the video)

So now that you've seen the video above, you won't be surprised when I tell you that Tom holds 17 World Records.

Yup, that's for real.

No typos here!

That is more than the entire Harlem Globetrotters Squad combined.

They only have 16 lol

Way to go Tom!

That's so awesome.

Rumor has it, Tom won't stop until he has 25 Guinness World Records in total.

Who else wants to see that?!

I definitely do.

Even though the 'Conman' is super busy with his new Ball Cage product (so sick), 'All-Star 5' Sports drink, and Video Production Company, I suspect he'll still make the time to get to 25 Guinness World Records.

Even though Tom has reached the heights of the Street ball World, he never ceases to challenge himself and grow in many different unique ways.

So you never know what new thing he'll be up to next, but you know it's going to sweet!

Click here to see all the things Tom is up to!

Clearly, this is a man you've gotta keep watching!

Thanks for all you do Tom.

The sport of Basketball is lucky to have you, and without you the game wouldn't be the same.

For The Love Basketball!

Be like Tom.

Never Stop Hoopin!

Joey Erlic